Days, 7 Good News: Reinforcement for Bayern Women & Andres Ambühl's Ice Hockey World Championship Record

LISTICLE | 05/19/2022
7 days, 7 good news stories: a heroic victory in the Tour-de-France, a head wash for the bathing cap ignoramuses and a football club taking a stand against racism.
Antonia Wille

We think: Every now and then it needs good news. Especially from sports. In our Good News we serve you every week seven news that make our - and hopefully your - sports heart beat faster. Because the news is fun. Because they are trend-setting. Because they show new trends. Because they sprinkle a pinch of absurdity in a much too serious world. Or because they simply bring joy. The main thing is good humor, that's our motto in this news format. And we also start right away.

With the outing of a 17-year-old professional footballer, an exemplary international transfer for the Bayern women and a contact point for athletes* with experience of violence.


International Support for the Bayern Women

Spectacular transfers worth billions at domestic clubs are seen mainly in men's soccer. German women's soccer, on the other hand, often goes abroad - where there is clearly more attention for their sport and also better earning opportunities.

Now, however, a real star is coming to Germany with Georgia Stanway. The record scorer moves from Manchester City to FC Bayern and comments her decision so: "It just feels right". According to Bayern Women's sporting director Bianca Rech, the transfer is "a great sign and positive signal for the league that an English player has chosen Germany and FC Bayern." Remains only to hope that also other international talents Georgia Stanway will join.


Jake Daniels' Bold Career Debut

Outing in soccer? So far a rather difficult matter. Many players dare only after their active career to talk openly about their sexuality. Jake Daniels, however, takes this step right at the beginning. "I just don't want to lie anymore," the 17-year-old said in response. And if others felt encouraged by his outing to do the same, "that would be brilliant." Even Boris Johnson responded to Jake's openness:  "You will be an inspiration to many - both on and off the field," he tweeted. Respect to this budding professional footballer who is a role model for the whole soccer world.


Biniam Girmay Makes History for African Cycling

Biniam Girmay won a stage at the cycling classic Giro d'Italia - and thus makes what no other African has managed before. Already at the end of March, he had drawn attention to himself with a victory in the Gent-Wevelgem cycling race and then let himself be duly celebrated in his home country of Eritrea. Perhaps that's where the energy for the stage win at the Giro d'Italia came from. Only one mishap could dampen Girmay's joy - at the award ceremony, the champagne cork popped directly into his eye and instead of being at home, he spent the evening in the hospital. However, he is apparently already on the road to recovery. Therefore: Congratulations, Biniam Girmay!


Johannes Ludwig Clears the Field Once Again before His Luge Retirement

Olympic luge champion Johannes Ludwig has quite rightly earned the nickname "Dynamite Hannes" due to his arm strength. After his career got off to a rather slow start, he showed it to everyone once again with double gold at the Olympics and a victory in the overall World Cup last season before he now retires. And that is exactly his secret: "In the course of my career, I have learned that in competitive sports, perseverance and confidence in one's own abilities are the most important elements for success," Ludwig said. Congratulations on 30 years in luge and a spectacular career end!


“Run Against Violence” Supports Athletes Who Have Experienced Violence

Violence, whether physical, psychological or sexual, affects more top athletes than one might suspect. This should now be an end: The association Athletes Germany set up "Anlauf gegen Gewalt". All active and former athletes from national squads who have experienced violence can contact this office. Tobias Preuß, Vice President of Athletes Germany, recalled the study "Safe Sport" published in 2017 and its shocking results: Out of 1800 squad athletes* one third reported sexualized violence, 30 percent physical and even 86 percent psychological violence. High time, therefore, for an organization against violence in sport and for us definitely a Good News.


Elina Switolina’s Career Break Turns into a Baby Break

At the end of March, Ukrainian world-class tennis player Elina Switolina announced a break from professional sports. Her reasons were mental and physical exhaustion, also strongly caused by the Russian attack on her home country.

Now there is at least one bright spot for Elina in this challenging time: the 27-year-old will become a mother of a daughter for the first time in October, together with tennis pro Gael Monfils from France. Congratulations on this positive turn in the break.



Andres Ambühl’s Ice Hockey World Championship Record

Andres Ambühl stands this year for the 17th time for Switzerland in an ice hockey world championship on the court - and breaks a record. Although at 38 he is clearly one of the older players in his sport, he is still in top shape. According to his teammates, however, there's probably nothing to learn from Ambühl when it comes to nutrition - or maybe there is: "He eats gummy bears and still blows everyone away on the ice. He's a phenomenon." Both thumbs up for Andres Ambühl's stamina and his likeable secret to success!

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Antonia Wille