Urban Culture: Why Sport Is so Important As Part of Our Culture

Every sport has its culture. Cultures are influenced by sports. Both are closely interwoven - and there is hardly a social megatraned in which sport does not play an important role. Sport has long been part of the cultural scene, an important driver of urban culture and architecture. Sports like basketball, skateboarding, and even running have shaped our society - through their fashion, music, and a unique attitude.

At ISPO.com, we live the inspiring connection between sports and culture. We show how sports influence society and cultural life and shape the way we live together. We understand sport as one of the most important drivers of our world and show what this means for all people.

Sport Shapes Societies

Many sports, such as basketball, skateboarding, and surfing, are unthinkable without their cultural heritage and legacy. Basketball cannot be reduced to the game on the court. It connects athletes, musicians (hip hop), fashion designers, architects and creative influencers from different backgrounds - and this intersection creates something new. Much of it accompanies us every day: in the real world, in mass media, social media, and on YouTube.

How MTB Clips Become YouTube Hits

In the scene, MTB star Fabio Wibmer is one of the greatest. But the sports fans who get their information from newspapers and TV probably haven't heard of Wibmer. That's because the Austrian trial and mountain biker is a child of the YouTube generation. In an interview with ISPO.com, Wibmer explains what makes his videos so successful and who he likes to watch most on YouTube.

Fabio Wibmer Explains His Viral Magic

Sport Connects Cultures and Societies

The unifying effect of sports across all cultural backgrounds can change the spirit of an entire society and thus the entire culture of nations. Just think of the German "Sommermärchen" at the football World Cup 2006. An entire country that was not known for cheering and living life for its own sake suddenly came together, celebrated in the streets at the World Cup in its own country and invited the whole world to join in.

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The mega-trend Athleisure Wear brings with it enormous opportunities. For several years now, the fitness and fashion industries have benefited equally from the hype surrounding sports-inspired fashion, which has finally become a mega-trend in the course of the pandemic.

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