Swimming, SUP & Co.: News and trends on the subject of water sports

Water sports are trend sports and adventure, from surfing and sailing to diving, swimming, and stand-up paddling (SUP). ISPO.com presents the latest water sports trends and product innovations and accompanies water sports enthusiasts on their extreme experiences.

Many people call water their element. For them, sport means above all water sports. Millions of Germans practice one of the water sports - many of them even several times a week. The German Sailing Association alone has almost 190,000 members.

Water sports are as versatile as water can be. Whether at or in the sea, on or in the lake, in the river or just in the pool - water with all its power and beauty fascinates people.

ISPO.com presents the latest water sports trends and product innovations and accompanies water sports enthusiasts on their extreme experiences.

New water sports trends: market on the move

The high number of water sports fans is one of the reasons why new trend sports can always establish themselves. As the world's largest trade show for the sports business, ISPO Munich provides space for the latest water sports trends and new products every year.

The most important companies show their latest products and developments as exhibitors in the Water Sports Village. At ISPO.com you will find all the latest news on water sports.

Swimming as the basis of all water sports

Although swimming is no longer as much in the spotlight as it was in the days of Franziska van Almsick, swimming is still a central topic. After all, swimming is the prerequisite for being able to pursue any water sport at all.

That's why we also provide information on ways and means to become a better swimmer - or simply on the latest swimwear trends.

Surfing: From trend to established sport

A hundred years ago, it seemed impossible for most people to be able to ride a wave. Today, surfing has long since ceased to be a trend sport and has become an established sport - even with its thoroughly organized associations and competitions.

Boards are no longer only used for surfing, but also as sports equipment for stand-up paddling or kite surfing. Wave, paddle, wind, or even motor - there seems to be no limit to the drive either.

Pure inspiration with the most beautiful surf moments

Blue sea, wide beaches and a board under your feet. Whether on the Eisbach wave in the middle of Munich or Teahupo'o in Tahiti, the trend sport on the water is passion and freedom for many surfers.

Foiling: The latest water sports trend

Anyone who catches sight of a foiling water sports enthusiast for the first time can't help but be amazed. A hydrofoil lets people float over water at a certain speed. This is a trend that has fully taken hold of the water sports of sailing, windsurfing, surfing and kitesurfing. Foiling fans report a unique feeling, and the sports industry is responding with constant product developments.

Water sports as a factor for the sports industry

The history of surfing to foiling is representative of a development in water sports. More and more people are recognizing the potential of recreational fun on or in the water. The sports industry reacts accordingly by developing products - also for the mass market.

Trend sport SUP - training and relaxation in one

The best example is stand-up paddling (SUP). A small trend born in the USA has now become a mass phenomenon: There is no lake in Germany where you can't see a person on a SUP board during warmer temperatures.

To people who are grumbling about the growing community of SUP fans, let me tell you: stand-up paddling is simply fun. It trains balance and concentration and is simply a nice balance to everyday life. Whereby SUP can now also be practiced in white water and as a competitive sport. A typical water sport: Nothing is impossible.

Get out on the water with the right SUP board

Standing, lying, sitting. You can see them floating on the water everywhere - stand-up paddlers. Stand Up Paddling (SUP) has rapidly developed from a small niche sport to a popular sport trend. Discover with ispo.com the right equipment for the hot days and get out on the water!

Diving - water sports beneath the surface

The still largely unexplored world under water also captivates thousands of sports enthusiasts: diving is booming. Despite not inconsiderable costs, they set off on diving trips far from the coasts, exploring reefs, caves and wrecks.

Every 20th German over the age of 14 goes diving regularly. The numbers have been stable for years. Countless other water sports enthusiasts join in, and snorkeling whets their appetite for more.

Canoe and kayak - out of fashion?

In view of the manifold possibilities to practice water sports, canoe and kayak sports seem to fade a bit into the background. The development at the German Canoe Association (DKV) speaks a different language: The number of members has recently grown to almost 120,000.

And even outside of organized water sports, it is noticeable that many people enjoy gliding across the water on rivers and lakes (some also on the sea) in a canoe or kayak and enjoying nature. For canoe tours lasting several days, there have long been perfectly designed boats that offer plenty of storage space and safety.

Swimming - also for your health

The basis of every kind of water sport and even an Olympic discipline is swimming. More than six million Germans go swimming regularly to stay fit and at the same time enjoy the feeling of the water. In terms of effectiveness in muscle building, fat burning and endurance training, hardly any other sport can keep up. At the same time, swimming is very easy on the joints, even for overweight people, thanks to the carrying capacity of the water.