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Do you want to be an exhibitor at the leading trade fair for sports professionals in China, one of the biggest growth markets? Here you can find all the information you will need for your successful participation at ISPO Shanghai. We support exhibitors with a diverse range of services, from registration to stand construction to marketing and public relations.

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Whether it concerns the technical set-up or conference rooms: ISPO supports you in your undertakings as an exhibitor with a range of services. Even if you are lacking the time or resources needed to implement your marketing goal, the trade fair staff can provide further assistance. We offer you the opportunity to book advertising space in the ISPO Shanghai area to enable you to attract attention to your products and brands. Learn more about our exhibitor services.

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China has transformed from a workers’ state into a multilayered society whose inhabitants have significantly more free time today than ever before. Gone are the days when sports were considered a privilege reserved for the elite. Today, fitness studios are all the rage in Shanghai, while parks are filled with runners and Tai Chi enthusiasts. Take advantage of the enthusiasm for sports in China. ISPO Shanghai plays a key role when it comes to presenting international brands in the Chinese market

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