Das Angebot an nützlichen Bike-Apps ist riesig.
The Tour de France has started - the perfect motivation for an own bike trip! Now, there are many apps for bikes. But which of the over 4000 applications really helps with cycling? has put together the most helpful bike apps for various functions - from navigation to training planner to the app for the perfectly adjusted saddle. And best of all, they're free!

Danny MacAskill is the artist among the trial bikers - not only because of his acrobatic stunts, but also because of the style of his YouTube videos. On December 23 the bike virtuoso turns 35. These are the secrets of success of the Scotsman on the bike and on the web.

Tragedies, falls and an assassination attempt - despite severe setbacks, athletes and clubs have managed to get back on their feet. presents impressive comebacks in sports history.

Ein hübsches Paar: Der Ergolux Sattel und die neuen Komfortgriffe beim City-Cruising
At first glance, the bike industry is also doing well in the Corona crisis. But how sustainable is this trend? How has the bicycle industry as a whole mastered the crisis and how will cycling and mobility develop? At the ISPO Re.Start Days, major players in the industry discussed these issues.