Bike & E-Bike: The great trend

  • Biking is booming: Whether road bike, gravel bike, mountain bike, e-bike or city bike in a wide variety of designs - from cruiser to vintage hipster bike.

  • With around 79.1 million bicycles, the number of bikes in Germany is higher than ever before (source: Statista).

  • Experience the future of the bike from September 7 to 12, 2021 at the IAA MOBILITY in Munich! Try out the latest top bikes - and all completely free of charge.

Bike: Already more than just a sports device

The bicycle has long since become more than just a piece of sports equipment; it is also a popular means of transport for avoiding traffic jams in cities. Numerous delivery services now also use this environmentally friendly form of mobility. The choice of models is correspondingly wide these days. shows the latest bike trends and provides tips for areas of application.

BMX & Mountain Bike Scene: Freeride, Freestyle, Slopestyle

The bike is an integral part of the extreme sports scene and has been for years. Already in the nineties BMX was an integral part and phenomenon of pop culture, riders like Dave Mirra already stars at that time, partly with their own video games. In the meantime, the scene has differentiated and also professionalized. Both BMX and mountain bike athletes are able to pursue their sport professionally thanks to sponsors, prize money, and not least the fan base and reach on social media. Professional riders take spectators on film shoots to the most remote and beautiful places in the world. 

Coolness, thrills and style on the bike are to reach even more viewers in the future. BMX Freestyle will become an Olympic sport for the first time in 2021, after BMX racing has been an Olympic sport since the Beijing Games in 2008 and cross country mountain biking since 1996. As with every sport that becomes Olympic, the significance of this step is hotly debated in the scene.

MTB: Mountain biking for the whole family

Your love for mountain biking is so great that you finally want your offspring to join you? No problem! From tour planning to the ideal riding order to the perfect equipment: With our seven practical tips for MTB-enthusiastic parents, every tour with your kids will be a success!

Tips for mountain biking with kids

Danny McAskill: Bike genius and creative ace on two wheels

No one masters the bike like Danny McAskill. While normal cyclists try not to hit the rails, Danny jumps from one rail to the opposite one with a 180 degree turn. He pulls front and back flips in places that are life-threatening even without a rollover. He performs his acrobatic tricks on a road bike instead of a trial bike if need be. At the same time, his videos are not higher, faster, further - he tells stories with them and fascinates. No matter if biker or not, which leads to millions of clicks on his videos.

Our Special on Danny MacAskill

Bikes, equipment and components in demand like never before

Cycling combines mobility with sustainability and can also be flexibly integrated into everyday life as a workout, since people spend this time commuting anyway. Rental systems in city centers provide additional mobility and at the same time relieve public transport and main traffic arteries clogged with cars. 

E-bikes only make this fact more interesting, as they also provide a means of transport for commuters on longer journeys, allowing their owner to reach his or her destination relaxed and without getting sweaty. While the global e-bike market already had a size of $14.9 billion in 2019, it is forecast to increase further to $20 billion worldwide in 2023 (source: Statista). However, due to the pandemic, bikes without motors, equipment and components are in demand as never before. 

The industry is also innovating when it comes to components such as brakes or gears, taking advantage of new developments in wireless and hydraulics. In addition, there are individual designs and weight savings in the area of frames. 

Digitization also plays into the cards of the affine biker: Thanks to fitness apps and data, rides and workouts can be measured, analyzed and compared ever more effectively.

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