Connective Consultancy

We create valuable connections for individual challenges.

Network oriented management consulting

We help you solve your challenges and implement your plans. Use the most important network in sports with its largest platforms worldwide to tactically implement your individual strategies, to be more effective in planning and implementation or to optimally navigate the ISPO ecosystem and get the best out of it.

We don't reduce sport to one industry. Sport is constantly taking on new forms. Sport is relevant everywhere.

Our philosophy also enables brands and companies that do not originally come from the world of sports to use it for their own benefit.

Sport is much more than movement, fitness and equipment. Sport has many manifestations and is relevant in all walks of life:

ME - how you live for yourself
WE - in communities and movements
US - and where we all live.

How we work with you. Discover our possibilities

We use our ecosystem and network of 13 platforms and business solutions as a toolbox to tactically implement your strategy together. However, we are not dependent on them and can freely develop individual solutions at any scale and activate our network in the appropriate framework for your challenges.

Use your Kickstarter Workshop

Your individual activation of the ISPO ecosystem with the most important international network in sports.

In your ISPO-moderated workshop (approx. 3 h), we will address your specific challenge and develop a customized solution approach.

Kickstarter workshop: from 3.000 EUR (excl. VAT)

The workshop costs can be offset against the resulting measures. The result contains your personal analysis, strategy with individual solution approach and concrete proposals for measures.

We will be happy to discuss your plans with you without obligation.

For whom. Discover the possibilities of sport

Network-based consulting is suitable for any type of organization that wants to better leverage the relevance of sports(Orientation), enter sports markets or segments(Access), grow and scale(Accelerate), or see change in markets, industries and societies as an opportunity for them(Transformation):