ISPO Textrends Award Benefits

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To promote the most outstanding products in the performance textile industry, ISPO Textrends holds a set of 10 benefits. These benefits will be granted to the suppliers of the selected products based on their award status.

The main objective of all benefits is to support the sales of the selected products. ISPO is pleased to be able to offer these services, which are all included in the award fee.


These trends, defined by expert Louisa Smith, confirm the innovation and trend character of ISPO Textrends, but also simplify the application process for participating companies. In addition, these trends attract sports business and fashion professionals, who utilize their research at the ISPO Textrends Hub to gain the latest insights on the future of the textile industry.


Benefit 2 – LABEL

All selected products will receive the prestigious ISPO Textrends label. The Best Products will receive a Best Product label, the Top Ten products will receive a Top Ten label and the Selections will receive a Selection label.

These labels can be used for the original supplier’s communication activities. It will attract attention on a global level throughout the year.



All selected products will be part of a top-quality photo shooting to produce premium images for all further communication e.g. the digital Trendbook. The participants will receive the high-res images including full rights of use for their own communication activities.


Benefit 4 – ISPO Textrends Hub at OutDoor by ISPO

All products are exhibited in ISPO Textrends area at OutDoor by ISPO June 3-5, 2024. Visitors can enter the Textrends area and experience the physical samples of the winning products. Product details and your contact information are displayed with the samples.


Benefit 5 – TRENDBOOK

This working tool for designers, product managers, and journalists features all selected products on a full page. In addition, the Best Products and Top Ten products from all categories are featured on a double page each.

The Trendbook will be distributed at ISPO Munich and online, available for download. If your product is featured in the Trendbook, it will accompany designers and product managers throughout the entire development process of their next collection.



The Best Product in each category will be awarded during a dedicated ceremony at OutDoor by ISPO. We accompany the announcement of the Best Products and the winner ceremony with media coverage. The video of the ceremony will then be available online as well.



The Best Product in each category will receive a high-quality ISPO Textrends Award trophy. All Top Ten products will receive a specially designed ISPO Textrends Award Certificate.

The winners can display the trophies and certificates at their trade fair booths and proudly present them in their offices or showrooms as a constant reminder of their outstanding quality.



ISPO Textrends will be featured in regular communication to ISPO networks using a well-coordinated schedule. The main goal is to draw the attention of the public to innovation within the textile industry and generate interest amongst designers, product managers, and journalists.


Benefit 9 – STICKERS

ISPO will provide the artwork as well as physical stickers for Best Product, Top Ten and Selection.The stickers can be used to mark the appropriate material samples of each participant.


Benefit 10 – WINNER MANUAL

The winner manual provides recommendations and advice on how to use e.g., the label provided for your company to get the most out of ISPO Textrends platform.