Mountain sports: towards the summit

Mountain sports are booming. More and more people are drawn to nature for hiking, skiing, ski touring or climbing. Alpine adventures make many hearts beat faster. Discover in our category "Mountain sports" discover valuable tips on mountain tours, the most impressive tours, the latest trends and inspiring stories from modern mountain heroes.

What you need to know about trail running

Get closer to nature and escape the stress of everyday life. Sports enthusiasts are discovering trail running for themselves. But running over hiking trails and uneven paths also involves risks. That's why, as with any new sport, beginners need to be well informed about running technique, equipment and running location. At you can find out everything you need to know about trail running.

Hiking as a unique experience of nature

Mountain hiking is very popular and the easiest way to experience nature in an extraordinary way. The connection with nature allows us to breathe deeper and for a moment to forget about everyday worries. However, even if mountain hiking is good for you, you should try to do it as safely as possible, so that you can minimize objective dangers. This includes being sure-footed on the mountain and not overdoing it.

Alpine climbing: overcome steep walls and climb impressive peaks

Steep walls, which seem impossible to climb, tempt some alpinists to overcome the impossible. But: in doing so, one should have crucial basic knowledge. Everyone starts out small: regular climbing, experienced climbing partners and constant refreshing of knowledge help you to be as safe as possible. You need a lot of equipment: climbing helmet, climbing harness, rope(s), alpine exes, friends and wedges for belaying, belay device, slings, carabiners.... the list is long.

Ski touring: a popular alternative to skiing

Snow-covered mountain landscapes, the cool air, skis underfoot: the absolute dream for many in winter. But: how sustainable is skiing really? More and more people are opting for ski touring and against skiing. The reasons vary: the desire for more solitude and peace away from the hustle and bustle, sustainability aspects or even the challenge itself.

Skiing - at what price?

Winters are milder, and accordingly less snow falls at lower altitudes. But what does this mean for the ski resorts? As a rule, more and more ski slopes are being covered with snow. But is this sustainable? What about professional skiing? Here's what our hero Felix Neureuther has to say about sustainability in winter sports.

ISPO Munich presents mountain sports highlights

Higher, faster, further. Regardless of the discipline, athletes not only measure themselves on the rock, but also on their performance. While ISPO Munich presents the most innovative products and innovations on the scene once a year, provides you with the latest news on the trends and must-haves of mountaineers as well as all important topics related to mountain sports. So that you are always up to date at the booth.

Mountain sports: towards the summit