Mountain sports: towards the summit

Mountain sports are booming. More and more people are drawn to nature for hiking, skiing or climbing. Alpine adventures make many hearts beat faster. Discover the most impressive tours, the latest trends and inspiring stories from modern mountain heroes in our "Mountain Sports" section.

What you need to know about trail running

Get closer to nature and escape the stress of everyday life. Sports enthusiasts are discovering trail running for themselves. But running over hiking trails and uneven paths also involves risks. That's why, as with any new sport, beginners need to be well informed about running technique, equipment and running location. At you can find out everything you need to know about trail running

ISPO Munich presents mountain sports highlights

Higher, faster, further. Regardless of the discipline, athletes not only measure themselves on the rock, but also on their performance. While ISPO Munich presents the most innovative products and innovations on the scene once a year, provides you with the latest news on the trends and must-haves of mountaineers, as well as all important topics related to mountain sports. So that you are always up to date.

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