Fitness: More than just a trend

Fitness is much more than just a gym, dumbbells or bodybuilders lifting twice their own weight. For a long time, the term "fitness" was primarily associated with such images, but today it is far more diverse - think of fitness apps, training with your own weight without equipment, or yoga influencers with a reach of millions.

Fitness also means mental strength

Basically, fitness just means being in good shape for now. In addition to strength and cardio training, which is usually obvious, it also includes flexibility, coordination and mental strength. Nutrition also plays a role. So fitness means both the physical and the mental ability to cope with various sporting demands. And this is where we come in. Here at you'll find the latest trends and developments in fitness, plus the best fitness tips from industry experts, compiled by our editorial team.

Role Model Fitness Influencer - Fit through Social Media

Influencers are among the stars of the fitness industry today. The big names on the scene earn a tidy income by sharing their workout videos with their followers on social media or promoting products. In the process, successful influencers reach millions of people who complete their workout programs, sometimes more frequently, sometimes less frequently. For brands, influencers offer an attractive advertising platform. For followers on social media, on the other hand, free instructions from yoga to ab workouts to a wide variety of workouts of their choice via YouTube or Instagram. And at the same time, the opportunity to keep fit from home. We probably don't need to mention that this type of training grew especially during the pandemic.

The 5 most important fitness influencers in Germany

The smartphone as a trainer: apps, fitness trackers and workouts for the home

The trend is toward tracking. Whether it's pedometers, running watches, or fitness apps, measuring and recording athletes' performance, relying on digital products for fitness programs is already commonplace today. Smartphones and apps help to document training progress, but also to individualize the workout. With their own training plans that can be specifically adapted to the athlete's life. You can train when, where and with whom you want. Because through a link with social media, one can share and compare one's own performance and training progress with friends, which builds up pressure, but at the same time can also serve as a motivational boost.

3. Das Gemeinschafts-Gefühl! Hindernisläufe sind was für Einzelgänger? Quatsch! Jeder hilft jedem und unterstützt die anderen. Wer nicht mit Freunden kommt, hat danach welche gefunden.
Whether it's clubs, training groups or online meet-ups: sports communities have an enormous significance for well-being. However, according to renowned sports psychologist Kai Engbert, the Corona pandemic will permanently change the structures.
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Whether at home or in the gym, the fitness boom continues unabated. Regular workouts and training sessions prevent heart attacks and obesity, increase concentration and learning ability, and are a beneficial counterbalance for body and mind in an increasingly demanding working world.

The fitness movement has long since moved away from the outdated image of pure bodybuilding. Today, fitness means one thing above all: a healthy mind in a healthy body. ISPO Munich is dedicating a separate theme world to the fitness industry with the Health & Fitness segment.

Cowbells, TRX, EMS - fitness is so versatile

Depending on the training plan and focus, the selection of exercises and equipment is almost endless. From weights and dumbbells in all shapes and sizes to flexible TRX bands, various home trainers and rollers, and nutritional supplements, the market for fitness enthusiasts is full of possibilities. EMS training via targeted power surges even promises fitness without sports. shows the latest trends and discusses with experts, athletes and manufacturers where the fitness industry is headed.