ISPO Brandnew awardees 2020

ISPO Brandnew Overall Winner EXOlung

The underwater breathing apparatus is supplied with oxygen only by the body's own movements. An absolute novelty in diving, which makes the dream of breathing under water come true.

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Body & Mind

Fitness is very important when it comes to health. The focus here is on fitness gadgets to strengthen body and soul.

Awardees Body & Mind

Connected Sports

This is where sport and digital progress are connected. These innovations ensure a more conscious and efficient sports experience.

Awardees Connected Sports

Future Mobility

How will we move in the future? This category is all about movement solutions to get there actively.

Awardees Future Mobility


Read about technologies to raise the performance bar on the pitch and in the game.

Awardees Matchtime


Sporting innovation on the waves and in the water will make you experience this element in a new way.

Awardees Offshore

Outdoor Adventure

Nature offers a lot to explore. These novelties for climbing, camping and other outdoor activities create the next level of outdoor experiences

Awardees Outdoor Adventure

Slopes & Parks

No matter if ski or snowboard: Here you will find everything you need on and off the slopes.

Awardees Slopes & Parks

Urban Outdoor

Innovative brands that blend urban style with the desire for function & outdoor performance.

Awardees Urban Outdoor