Accelerating Sports

The global ecosystem of sports

By promoting the evolution of sports we work continually to encourage sports and their players worldwide.

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Our integrated service-portfolio creates valuable connections and moments among business professionals and among consumers. 365 days a year. Worldwide.
For economical success and a world worth living in.

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What we believe and what moves us. Our purpose.

We are unleashing the world-changing power that lies in sports and outdoors and put it in the spotlight of society. We are thus fighting inactivity - mentally and physically. For a world worth living in.

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Our road to holistic responsibility.

Climate neutrality is an important step, but we have bigger goals beyond climate, beyond ISPO Munich, beyond the ISPO group and beyond the sports and outdoors industry. It’s still a very long way to go, but here you can learn about how we want to get there.

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