On the way to a greener future

Our responsibility

ISPO is much more than just a venue or an international platform network. The focus is on us as people, connected in a global society. As part of this community, we have a responsibility to work together to tackle the challenges we all face.

The ISPO Group sees its responsibility as more far-reaching than just bringing people, brands and products together. It strives to have an impact beyond the issue of sustainability. In an increasingly complex world, it is crucial that our actions are based on values and scientific knowledge. We must always keep the big picture in mind, because every challenge we face directly affects other areas.

We firmly believe that sport and the outdoors can change the world - and we will harness this power.

Our sustainability initiatives

• Climate-optimized trade fair management: We rely on strategies that aim to minimize the environmental impact of our trade fairs by using resources efficiently and reducing emissions.

• Climate-friendly travel: We encourage our employees and participants to choose climate-friendly travel options to reduce CO₂ emissions associated with business travel wherever possible.

• Internal training on sustainability topics: We encourage and support voluntary training and workshops on sustainability topics to raise awareness and strengthen our commitment to a sustainable future.

• Environmentally friendly infrastructure: We invest in environmentally friendly infrastructure and technologies to reduce our ecological footprint and promote sustainable solutions.

• Sustainable promotional materials: We use environmentally friendly materials and sustainable printing processes for our promotional materials to minimize resource consumption and reduce waste.

• Valuable partnerships: We maintain strategic partnerships with organizations, companies and institutions to jointly develop and implement innovative solutions to sustainability challenges.

• Membership of the European Outdoor Conversation Association: As a member of this organization, we are actively committed to protecting and preserving the natural environment and promoting responsible action in the outdoor industry.

• Supporting sustainability initiatives: We are proud to support a variety of organizations and initiatives that work to promote sustainability, biodiversity, access to nature for all and a diverse outdoor community.

At the trade fair

• Drinking water dispensers: We provide drinking water dispensers to reduce the use of single-use plastic bottles and ensure access to clean drinking water for all.

• Reduction of printed materials: We minimize the use of printed materials by relying more on digital media and continuously reducing our print runs.

• Sustainable exhibition stand construction: We rely on sustainable building materials and construction methods to make our exhibition stands more environmentally friendly and conserve resources (e.g.: woodi by Meplan).

• General visibility of sustainability topics: We integrate topics such as sustainability, diversity, inclusion and social responsibility into our stage program and actively promote a sustainable future.

• Participation in community events: We support and participate in community events with added social value in order to make a positive contribution to society and do good together.