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The Perfect Platform to Shape the Future with Outdoor. Are You with Us?

At the beginning of October, the time has finally come again - the outdoor community will meet in person for the first time in over two years. We're looking forward to seeing all the key players again in Munich and setting an example as an industry by passionately tackling important topics together - and having fun in the process.

Possibilities of participation
  • Exhibitor

    The pre-designed and curated spaces are ideal for companies to showcase innovations and brand insights that reflect these trends and themes in products, processes or materials, or embody corresponding attitudes in their products and services.

  • Speaker & Moderator

    Organizations that want to give keynotes, facilitate workshops, or contribute to other formats in the topic-oriented sessions
    are in the right place if their best cases, insights, solutions,
    data or inspirational stories offer added value in relation to these
    these topics.

  • Curator or Partner

    Companies or organizations that are active in this environment
    or can identify themselves with the topics mentioned are
    right here if they want to support the purpose of the event, can contribute new perspectives or expertise and are looking for new networks.

Online and On-Site - Two Ways to Participate in the Global Summit Edition
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