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Purchase your Trendbook, in digital or printed form, of the latest ISPO Textrends season. Learn about the next season's trends, get exclusive insight into the selection process, and discover the official winning products in the categories of ready-made garments, accessories, fibers, and fabrics. The Trendbook becomes an indispensable working tool that will accompany product managers and designers during the sourcing process.

Discover more than 350 products as well as the complete trend information and color palettes for Fall/Winter.

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Awardees Textile Edition:

The ISPO Textrends jury selected the most innovative products of each category. Out of these items the Best Product, the Top Ten or Top Five products as well as some additional Selection products were chosen. ISPO is very pleased to share the awardees for Fall/Winter with the textile industry.

All Products can be found in the digital Trendbook. This interactive PDF features the most innovative products, provides valuable sourcing contacts and is the ideal working tool for all designers and product managers.

Accelerated Eco

Products setting a new standard in terms of sustainability: innovative performance yarns that require reduced heat for settability, heightened efficiency in terms of water and energy savings, a reduction of waste and
reduced or optimized processes throughout the textile chain. E.g. recycled or biodegradable yarns, yarns for long-lasting products, dope-dyed yarns for water and energy saving, natural dyes, etc.


Performing Finishes

Outstanding innovations in terms of finishes: products that are using anti-odor, anti-bacterial or protective finishes for well-being and personal protection. E.g. far infra-red, chromatic change coating, reflective finishes, smart finishes etc.


Base Layer

Next-to-skin fabrics with preshaping, support, thermal or moisture management performance. Softness, comfort, anti-bacterial or eco-friendly properties are added values.


Second Layer

Fleece fabrics, lightweight protective fabrics and performance linings,
stretch or non-stretch. Advanced thermal management. Natural fibers from wool and cotton sustainable fibers, including cellulosic, work alongside next generation synthetics, both virgin and recycled.


Outer Layer

Lightweight but ultra-resistant woven shell fabrics, with surface performance. Stretch, waterproof, windproof, breathable feature for ultimate protection against the elements. High tenacity micro light rip stops work alongside matte and bright woven fabrics.


Membranes & Coatings

Technical membranes, stretch, waterproof, windproof with two or
three layers. Reflective and UV-resistant are added values. Teaming function with fashion as colored and printed graphics combine.


Street Sports

Fabrics range from ubiquitous denim with new performance levels to lighter functional fabrics and finishes with a fashionable edge that meets the demand of today’s urban offering for second and outer layers.


Soft Equipment

Performance products for tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, shoes,
etc. Lightweight, durable, abrasion-resistant, UV-protecting, waterproof, etc. are required benefits.



Innovative zippers, buckles, buttons, labels, etc. New ecofriendly  developments, watertight, windproof performance. Low weight and durability are added values. 


Fibers & Insulations

Traditional feather down, hollow and cross-section man-made or natural  fibers with enhanced benefits for activewear. Biomimicry features through virgin and recycled synthetic fiber delivery, with thermal regulating finishes offering added warmth directly to fabrics. 



Films and tapes for sewn, thermo-fixed and welded applications. Technical ribbons and cords. Stretch, reflective, waterproof and creative are a plus. 


 Awardees Apparel Edition:

The ISPO Textrends jury selected the most innovative products of each category. Out of these items, the Best Product and Top Product were chosen. ISPO is very pleased to share the awardees for Fall/Winter with the textile industry.

All Products can be found in the Trendbook, as printed or digital copy. The Trendbook features the most innovative products, provides valuable sourcing contacts and is the ideal working tool for all designers and product managers.

Jackets & Vests

Jackets and vests as mid and outer layers. Softshell and fleece jackets, padded, insulated and down jackets, and coated weather jackets that provide high resistance to the elements. Additional properties can be 3-in-1 functions, waterproof, windproof, thermos regulation or features adding functionality for a specific activity.


T-Shirts & Pullovers

Next-to-skin garments and second and mid layers, short or long sleeve, that score with breathability, moisture control, and quick drying properties. Dynamic design allowing freedom of movement, optimal insulation and flexibility during any sports and outdoor activities.


Pants & Tights

Bottoms from base layers to outer layers, trousers, tights, leggings and shorts. High comfort and optimal functionality for the respective, designated sports and outdoor activity.


Underwear & Swimwear

Undergarments that best support any physical activity and scuba and swimwear for water sports. Anti-odor, quick dry, breathability and maximal comfort are adding value as well as UV+, salt, sand and sun lotion resistance.


Accelerated Eco

Holistic and well considered product concept with sustainable aspects in every part of its whole lifecycle: from design and development, over production and processing, to usability, durability and finally to its end-of-life and recycling.


Smart Technologies

Products with smart and creative features, that make the lives of consumer easier: e.g. multi-functionality, compatibility with wearables etc. Smart technologies can also refer to innovative production processes, that make the lives of producers easier.