THE SPORT-INSPIRING MAGAZINE is the first and only megatrend-oriented sports and outdoor magazine for everyone who has long known that sports and outdoor are more than just exercise and equipment. is not a medium for moral preachers, but for people who inspire and seek inspiration - real gamechangers.

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ISPO Award

The most outstanding products and services in sport. The coveted quality seal serves of ISPO Award not only the media and retailers, but above all consumers as an orientation aid and basis for purchase decisions.

One Passion - Many Sports

Sport is not only the most beautiful pastime in the world, for us it is passion, life and pure freedom. Whether it's winter sports, spinning, biking or one of the many types of mountain sports: sport connects, sport is diverse, sport keeps you healthy.

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Heroes & Athletes: These Role Models Inspire Us

Heroes can make us dream, push us forward and reveal previously unknown perspectives. That's what we're aiming for with our portrait series on the heroes of sport.

These role models inspire us

Inspiring and innovative brands

This is the platform for our community's favourite brands. We show the philosophies and strategies of the individual brands, present the best products and let the CEOs and managers have their say.


ISPO Collaborators Club - Current Project Highlights

35,000 passionate athletes who test and develop new innovative products together with exciting sports brands - that's the ISPO Collaborators Club!

The latest highlight project: Your opinion as a winter sports enthusiast is needed! Take part in our survey on sports and sporting goods brands and secure your chance to win one of 5 pairs of top skis from Elan. Take part now!

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