Healthy living thanks to sport

Anyone wishing to live healthily should take up sport. But how much sport is really healthy? What type of sport is suitable for a healthy lifestyle and at what age? How are changing demographics changing the manner in which we use sport to stay fit? Is our lifestyle becoming a healthstyle? What does this mean for consumers and sport professionals? Our editors look into these questions. 

  • Sports business
    From CEOs of well-known companies in the sports and outdoor industry to representatives of thematically related industries, athletes, opinion leaders and environmental activists: More than 100 first-class speakers will share their individual experiences, ideas and visions with the participants of the ISPO Re.Start Days on June 30 and July 1, 2020. The overarching theme of the digital live conference: the status quo of the industry and the new start with and after Corona.
  • Menschen
    Objectives for a successful restart should meet five criteria: specific, measurable, adaptable, realistic and on time - SMART.
    How do you motivate yourself in a difficult time to get out of the crisis? Sports psychologist Dr. Heiko Ziemainz from the German Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen-Nuremberg explains in an interview how professional athletes prepare mentally for a successful comeback and gives tips on which strategies from professional sports work in everyday life, especially now in the coronavirus crisis.
  • Fitness
    Also, and especially during sports, mouthguards and masks can help contain the spread of the corona virus. But is sport with a mask really healthy? What effect does a mask have on training? gives tips.
  • Running
    Marina and Sandra Mastropietro.
    Sandra Mastropietro, like many others, has to balance home office and homeschooling. In part 3 of her series at she found the perfect interview partner for the needs and wishes of children in Corona times: her eight-year-old daughter.
  • Health
    Daily exercise is part of a healthy development for children.
    Exercise is important for health and well-being - especially for children. asked the sports physician Prof. Jürgen Steinacker why and to what extent children should be physically active. He offers tips on how parents can generally support and how kids can get enough exercise even in Corona times.