Outdoor: adventure, freedom, responsibility

Simply put, outdoor means outdoors. And at the same time so much more. Whether it's action on the rock, mountaineering or hiking, camping under the stars or in the middle of the green of nature interrupted by the blue of a mountain lake over which you glide with a SUP - outdoor also means adventure and freedom. The outdoor movement is thus also an attitude to life that combines activities and sports with being outdoors and creates intense experiences.

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"Think outdoor. Same Feeling. New OutDoor." Under this motto, OutDoor by ISPO 2024 will set new standards from June 3 - 5. Full halls, lots of emotions and exciting brands such as Rab / Lowe Alpine, KEEN, LOWA , Lukas Meindl, LEKI, Schöffel and many more are waiting for you! Become part of the change and feel the pulse of the new outdoor era. Be where the future is being written.

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Versatile sport for great experiences

And outdoor means responsibility, on tours to meet the demands but also responsibility for our nature. It is more important than ever to treat nature with care and consideration, both on the road and in terms of the products that enable or facilitate our outdoor experience. Outdoor sports are extremely versatile, traditionally centered around sports such as mountaineering, hiking, trekking, climbing or bouldering. The ISPO.com editorial team provides information here about the latest products and trends, from lightweight gas stoves to sustainably produced rain jackets and ice axes. In addition to the classic outdoor sports, here at ISPO.comwe alsoprovide insight into what's new in water sports - from SUP to surfing.

Best equipped outdoors

Step by step, putting one foot in front of the other, up to the highest peak. Viewing the world from above, feeling at one with nature, small as a tiny cog in the overall concept. But as even extreme mountaineer Hans Kammerlander knew: "A peak is yours only when you are back down again. Because before that, you belong to it." Whether you're climbing in the high mountains or hiking across the countryside, you need functional equipment that protects you, is comfortable to wear and doesn't restrict you. The same applies, of course, when you are hanging vertically in the wall and depend on the rope or harness to hold securely.

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OutDoor Society - Stories from Outdoors

The OutDoor Society section is for everyone who finds part of their happiness outdoors - we tell their stories. Stories from ordinary people, from professionals, from everyone for whom outdoor is a fundamental part of a happy life - and also for those who have not yet had their own personal outdoor moment.

Camping: tent, van, adventure

Camping is booming. Not only since the pandemic #vanlife is the preferred lifestyle and the bus or converted van the greatest pride of its outdoor-enthusiastic owners. In recent years, also by a lot of growth of newcomers and beginners who want to stay overnight and be on the road independently, often also integrated into everyday life not only on long trips but through microadventures and short trips. If you prefer to spend the night under a twinkling starry sky instead of a five-star hotel, you've come to the right place. Whether bivouacking, winter camping, Glamping with somewhat more luxury or first camping trip in form of a Corona summer vacationthe ispo.com editorial team has gathered tips, outdoor equipment and stories around the campfire.

Spyder’s Mountain to Metro collection is a sophisticated combination of premium materials, functionality and technical know-how with hip urban designs and style by the bucketload.

Between mountains and urban jungle

Whether functional clothing for the daily commute by bike, bouldering and climbing gyms in big cities, or individual products used as a fashion statement. As a movement, outdoor has long been happening in cities as well. This doesn't mean tourist couples in matching rain jackets sightseeing in the city center. Outdoor and fashion go hand in hand. Outdoor is hip and modern, is changing and relies on innovative technologies and products that protect their wearers in miserable weather and at the same time transport the outdoor feeling into the city.

Water sports: SUP, Bro?

Of course, water sports also take place outdoors. Even if it differs fundamentally from hiking or climbing, the feeling of freedom and the experience of nature that are at the heart of outdoor movement are also present.

Thanks to artificial waves and booth paddling on quarry ponds and rivers, water sports have found their way into city centers or near cities, and for many people they also represent a balance to everyday office life.

Outdoor: adventure, freedom, responsibility