Design sports jobs

Career: Jobs in design

Are you wide awake, curious and full of ideas? Then the first hurdles have already been cleared. Talented designers are constantly being sought in the sports business! The industry scores with dynamics, standstill prevails elsewhere. Creative people find jobs here and maybe even their fortune.

The sports industry is a highly innovative sector that is always reinventing itself. Sports emerge and become a trend, and with them come new equipment, materials and marketing channels. Longtime Adidas CEO Herbert Hainer goes so far as to describe each of the company's 55,000 jobs as creative. And basically, he speaks for an entire industry.

No job in the sports business can be filled without passion and creativity, yet there are differences: In design, products and ideas are actually put into shape; here, creativity is at the top of the list of requirements for applicants. And if you really want to be creative without developing past the market, you have to meet a few conditions.

Design jobs in the sports industry - requirements

The most important requirements for success in design jobs in the sports business are passion and curiosity. The profession, for example, of a graphic designer, requires the constant examination of one's environment. Only those who experience their surroundings with alert eyes, recognize flaws and beauties, ask questions and are not easily satisfied with the answers will be able to develop their own creative ideas on this basis.

If the powers of observation and imagination are right, it's a matter of creative talent and perseverance. Creating a design requires not only skill, but also the will to achieve perfection. After all, the devil is in the details, even if it is only in the specifications of the respective corporate identity. What does the competition offer? What (over)meets the expectations of potential customers? It takes a lot of thought and work to get to the finished product. This requires staying power, even without resorting to the comparison of a marathon.

Jobs in design - on the way to a dream job

Design is always a craft that needs to be learned. Without the experienced handling of layout and vector programs, even the best idea fails when it comes to implementation. Photoshop alone is usually not enough, but it is an excellent start for applicants.

The path to a dream job in design leads through a solid education, whether at a vocational school or university. Which path you take depends on many factors, not just your academic performance. For example, with vocational training, you can get into full practice after just two years, which is a big advantage. A degree program can take up to six years. On the other hand, the degree opens up other specialization paths, for example in the large field of corporate design.

Future employers

Sports are firmly anchored in our society and help determine the common good. Every second German regularly participates in sports. At the same time, sport is an enormous economic factor and relevant area of the labor market. Almost two million people in Germany alone have jobs in this segment - at sporting goods manufacturers and clubs, in sports agencies, fitness centers, sports stores or as helpers at major sporting events.

The wide range of jobs on offer offers job seekers an enormous advantage: the freedom to choose where they want to work. Whether in the big city or in the countryside, in the far north or on the border of the Alps - design jobs are available everywhere in the sports industry. And good designers are in demand, whether 3D designers, technical designers or brand designers. At adidas, we looked up 2,400 positions around the world, 74 of which are directly in the design area.