Challenges of a CEO

At the top - in sports as in business, often a very special place. What exactly does it take to be at the top of the most innovative, biggest or even up-and-coming newcomer brands in the sports world? Who are the people driving these companies forward? Whether it's management or digitization, strategies and mindsets, crisis or brand boom - in our series "Challenges of a CEO," the top decision-makers in the sports and outdoor industry let take an exclusive look at their cards.

Meindl: Better than bigger

At Meindl, the mountain boot specialist, it's not about rapid growth. In the opening article of our series, however, the focus is on the complex product of mountain boots. Managing Director Lukas Meindl tells us why the company focuses on shoes alone, why quality awareness is so important, and what the major challenges were during and after the pandemic.

LifeFit Group: Challenges of the fitness industry

What are the challenges of being a CEO in the fitness industry during and after the Covid pandemic? Martin Seibold, CEO of LifeFitGroup, provides exclusive insights: from the commitment to employees and studios to megatrends and the importance of fitness for our society.

Houdini: Corporate responsibility and business in harmony

Circular economy, regenerative business models, mindful interaction with nature - all these terms are not just buzzwords for the Swedish outdoor brand Houdini, because it is one of the pioneers in the industry. Its CEO Eva Karlsson explains in her guest article that sustainability and business are not opposites and that the path to greener business should be seen as a lifelong task.

Christoph Engl: Oberalp

Christoph Engl is CEO of the Oberalp Group, which includes mountain sports brands such as Dynafit, Salewa and now the women's brand LaMunt. When is the right time to launch a new brand like LaMunt, how to build strong brands, and what future generations of brands will demand in mountain sports are exciting questions to which Christoph Engl provides answers from his perspective in this guest article.

Schwan-Stabilo Outdoor Group: Implementing the megatrends of digitalization and sustainability

With his passion for outdoor sports, Martin Riebl leads the Schwan-Stabilo Outdoor Group, which includes brands such as Ortovox, Deuter, Maier Sport and Gonso. The CEO writes about the challenges Corona has brought for the group's brands, how digitalization is implemented in the company, and what the outdoor industry needs now in this guest article.

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