ISPO Brandnew 2022 Winner


ISPO Brandnew is the competition for international start-ups in the sports business. An interdisciplinary jury of sports experts has selected the three best newcomers in 2022 in the categories "Outdoor, Adventure & Snowsports," "Performance, Body & Mind," and "Sports Technology & Platforms. The Category Winners impress with unique innovations in the areas of sustainability, design, quality, functionality and technology. The Overall Winner was then chosen by the audience.


ISPO Brandnew Overall Winner - Ida Sports Football Boots

"Women are not small men." Ida Sports rejects the "shrink it and pink it" approach of the big brands and develops a shoe specifically for women's feet.

heat it®

No chemicals, just heat, and the pain of insect bites is forgotten. With the smartphone and the compact device from heat it®, itching is treated in seconds.

3D Scanner by Covision Media

Any physical object in 3D! And with one click, in the highest quality, in a few minutes and on a large scale.

Special Recognition by ALIBABA: amphitex

Sustainable and 100% recyclable: The perfect alternative to traditional waterproof breathable textiles (WBTs).

Special Recognition by Globetrotter: BAJAO

BAJAO Cabin is an inflatable trekking tent that is precisely tailored to the needs of Stand Up Paddlers.