ISPO Brandnew 2023

ISPO Brandnew is the competition for international start-ups in the sports business. An interdisciplinary jury of sports experts honored the best newcomers in 2023 in the Outdoor, Snowsports, Performance, Sports Tech and Sustainability categories. The Category Winners impressed with their unique innovations in the areas of sustainability, design, quality, functionality and technology. The Overall Winner was then chosen by the audience at the ISPO Brandnew - Founders Fights Finals at ISPO Munich.

Overall Winner & Category Win Sustainability - Haelixa

Haelixa presents a ground-breaking solution that uses the application of DNA to mark and track products in order to untangle the complexity of global textile supply chains. The marker is dissolved in a liquid and applied directly to the raw material. It has been specially developed to withstand the challenges of industrial textile processing. The marker remains invisible to the naked eye and does not affect the product characteristics or the quality of the end product.

Category Win Outdoor - Qwicklane

The ultra-modern ski touring binding sets new standards in the world of winter sports. With automatic height adjustment for climbing aids, this innovative product offers a convenient solution for ski tourers. The ease of use allows users to adjust the height of the climbing aids with just one click on the remote control, which can be easily attached to ski poles or other equipment. A clever feature is the manual override function, which ensures that ski touring adventures are not compromised by dead batteries or forgotten remote controls. This advanced ski touring binding promises a smooth and uninterrupted experience in the snowy heights.

Category Win Performance - ArcX

The ArcX Smart Ring represents an innovative form of wearable technology. As a micro joystick remote control that is conveniently operated with the thumb, it acts as a versatile interface for smartphones, sports cameras, wireless speakers, timing systems and all Bluetooth-enabled devices. An associated app, which is available on both iOS and Android, opens up a wide range of additional functions. These include an AI music recommendation filter (beta), which is designed to optimize physical performance through playlist recommendations.

Category Win Sportstech: Movmenta

SOLLO is revolutionizing the running shoe market with a patented technology that integrates nanosensors to measure sole absorption and pronation behavior. Weighing just 1.5 g, the system not only optimizes shoe use for runners, but also minimizes the risk of injury. The accompanying app informs users when to change their shoes. Brands benefit from direct customer access and in-depth usage information through the SOLLO technology, which provides a user-friendly interface for consumers and brands.

Special Recognition Award by Globetrotter: DiFOLD

DiFOLD creates practical foldable reusables that fight single-use culture. Their Origami Bottle is the first foldable bottle made from PLANT-based material, merging portability with durability. Effortlessly foldable for easy-carry and super sturdy when expanded. It's perfect for daily commutes, travel, sports, and outdoor adventures. Awarded by Red Dot, IF Design, and German Sustainability Design, the Origami Bottle exemplifies DiFOLD's vision to pioneer a new category of foldable, refillable products through its portfolio of utility-patented designs.