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New Round: These Are the Current Winners of the ISPO Award 2022

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Many innovations and further developed products made it into the final selection of the third round of the ISPO Awards 2022, but only a total of 16 products actually made it to the coveted award. Particularly striking this time: the field of applicants has rarely been so diverse. These are the winners.

There was a lot to test and examine at the latest jury meeting for the ISPO Award 2022.

New digital solutions for individualized products and services, a new safety technology for avalanche backpacks, the first magnetic closures for hydration bladders, solar panels plus storage unit for energy-autonomous travel, or 10,000 lumen headlamps - the versatility of the winning products not only reflects the enormous range of highlight products submitted this time for the ISPO Award 2022. It is also representative of the creativity and innovative spirit of our industry.

Despite the uniqueness of each product, consistent trends can be identified: Digitalisation is being used in more and more products and services and is reflected, for example, in digital offers that use artificial intelligence to help customers select the right product for them. The topic of safety also inspired many brands to develop new solutions this time – regardless of whether it is about safe closures, safe outdoor activities in the dark or increasing the chance of survival in avalanche accidents. Sustainability was less obvious this time, mainly because less clothing was submitted and more hardware. But of course, sustainability is a central theme here as well.

Brands can apply for the ISPO Award with their products all year round. The jury meets four times a year and selects the winners. A large number of previous winners will be presented at the ISPO Award Exhibition at ISPO Munich from November 28-30, 2022.

These are the 16 winners selected by our six-member jury of industry experts and sports enthusiasts from the ISPO Collaborators Club:

Fidlock: Hermetic Hydration Bladder

Fidlock has developed its first hydration bladder with magnetic closure system.
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Fidlock, the German specialist for magnetic closures, has developed its first hydration system. Until now, there were only screw or clamp closures for hydration bladders. Fidlock developed the first magnetic closure system for the Hermetic hydration bladder. The patented technology closes as effortlessly as it does leak-proof - even under mechanical pressure, such as a fall. This is ensured by three rows of magnets at the opening of the hydration bladder. An additional Snap closure on the pocket flap can be operated with one hand and prevents accidental opening. Since the hydration bladder can be opened wide, it can be easily filled and cleaned. The supplied drinking tube is replaceable.

Halti: Bergga Warm Parka

The Bergga Warm Parka by Halti combines modern urban design with the latest technical features.
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With the Bergga Warm Parka, the Finnish outdoor brand Halti has developed a jacket that combines modern, urban design with the latest technical features. The parka is windproof and waterproof and at the same time particularly soft and warm. The latter is ensured by a special 3D tunnel construction on the inside of the jacket, which traps warmth between the padded tunnels without adding weight.
The slim silhouette with drawstring waist and clever details, such as side zippers at the hem, maximize comfort whether you're on a bike or on the subway.
The parka has a PFC-free finish and is made partly from recycled fabrics and padding. Care instructions are available online, and Halti also stocks replacement materials for repairs. The parka is available for men and women.

Jack Wolfskin: Diskovera Jacket 3L

For the Diskovera Jacket 3L, Jack Wolfskin and Schoeller have combined their fabric know-how.  
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Jack Wolfskin

Two leading companies in the outdoor industry have teamed up here to develop a new, exclusive material: For the Diskovera Jacket 3L, Jack Wolfskin and Schoeller, a Swiss specialist in functional fabrics, combined a durable, stretchable Schoeller fabric with Jack Wolfskin's 100 percent recycled Texapore Ecosphere Pro membrane.
The durable, waterproof, and breathable three-layer jacket is unusually soft to the touch, nearly silent, and still provides full function. An innovative and generous ventilation solution further enhances comfort without compromising weather protection. The integrated, almost invisible emergency hood is particularly clever. The PFC-free jacket is available for men and women.

Jackery: Explorer 1000 Pro Power Storage Unit

The Explorer 1000 Pro from Jackery is a portable energy storage unit.
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US-based company Jackery is a pioneer in portable energy and solar power solutions for outdoor use. The Explorer 1000 Pro is a portable energy storage unit that can meet the power needs of numerous electrical devices, no matter where you are. Weighing approximately ten kilograms, the product provides outdoor enthusiasts as well as rescue teams and mobile offices with portable, safe and environmentally friendly power. With a two-way inverter and secure flash-charging technology, it can be charged to a maximum output of 1000Wh in just 1.5 hours. At the same time, it is equipped with a fast charge output that can quickly meet the power needs of multiple digital products.

Jackery: SolarSaga 80 Solar Panel

Jackery's SolarSaga 80 is an 80 watt solar panel that can generate power on both sides simultaneously.
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A location-independent power supply, that's what the SolarSaga 80 solar panel from Jackery is all about. The SolarSaga 80 is an 80-watt monocrystalline silicon solar panel that can generate power on both sides simultaneously. The reflective storage bag effectively enhances the amount of light received on the back of the solar panel, resulting in 30 percent higher power generation efficiency than conventional solar panels. When combined with a storage device - such as the previously mentioned Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro - solar power can also be used at night.

Kommit: Bike Towing System

Kommit is a small, intuitive bicycle towing system for the whole family.
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Many parents are familiar with this: as soon as long or steep hills are on the horizon, children's enjoyment of cycling quickly wanes. To prevent this and to offer children easy and uncomplicated support when riding uphill, the German startup kommit has developed a towing system that is as convincing as it is simple. Kommit is a small, lightweight and intuitive bike towing system for the whole family. Kommit can be attached under the saddle without tools. The tow rope is child's play to pull out, and just as easy to retract automatically. A loop at the end of the rope is attached to the handlebars of the bike to be towed and can be easily removed at any time during the ride.

Currex Insole Finder

The Currex Insole Finder allows consumers to customize the soles of their shoes.
The Currex Insole Finder allows consumers to customize the soles of their shoes.
Image credit:
CURREX GmbH / Monkey Business Images

Currex from Hamburg has developed a new solution for consumers to increase the comfort of sports shoes through individualized insoles and minimize the risk of injury. This is made possible with the digital, AI-based Currex Insole Finder. Consumers can use it to easily configure the perfect-fitting 3D insole to support their foot shape and shoe type when shopping for shoes online. The AI technology measures the inner arch of the foot via photo and determines the required shape of the insole. The software application can be quickly and seamlessly integrated into any online store and is therefore also aimed at retailers who can use it to enhance their customer experience. The application does not require an app download, but simply works via the browser of a smartphone.

Mescan: Body Scanner with Digital Coaching

The body scanner mescan determines body data to optimize training, nutrition and regeneration.
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Mescan was developed by the German company cardioscan. This is a body scan device that can measure people's heart rate variability, stress levels, body composition and metabolism within just 45 seconds. As a result, it is able to provide important data on current health status and how to optimize training, nutrition and recovery. But mescan doesn't stop at data collection: Based on the body data, the matching software provides individual fitness recommendations via the vicoach app. The mescan was launched in 2020 for the fitness industry and is now also available for sports retailers.

Bergans: /Y MountainLine 40 Daypack Avalanche Backpack

The /Y MountainLine 40 Daypack from Bergans is the world's first backpack to use Safeback's SBX avalanche safety technology.
Image credit:
Bergans of Norway

The /Y MountainLine 40 Daypack from Norwegian outdoor brand Bergans is a lightweight and robust all-mountain backpack that is the world's first backpack to use Safeback's SBX avalanche safety technology. In addition to integrating this new technology, what makes the backpack special is that it is still versatile because the avalanche system can be easily removed or integrated in just two minutes. In this way, Bergans wants to prevent athletes from having to buy a large number of specialized backpacks - such as avalanche backpacks - that spend most of their time lying unused in the closet. For the main material of the backpack, Bergans relies on a blend of Invista Cordura and Black Dyneema yarns to achieve a perfect combination of light weight and lower cost, as well as high tear, tensile and abrasion resistance.

Safeback: SBX Avalanche Safety System

Safeback SBX is the world's first active air supply system for people buried in avalanches.
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Safeback from Norway has developed a novel safety technology for avalanche accidents. Safeback SBX is the world's first active air supply system that helps people continue to breathe under masses of snow without the need for a mouthpiece. The system uses the air in the snowpack as an air supply for the buried person, continuously drawing it in through an inlet in the backpack and releasing it through tubes in the shoulder straps. The SBX is activated with a handle on the shoulder harness and provides 90 minutes of breathing air. The current window for rescuing avalanche victims is 15 minutes, with 70 percent of deaths due to suffocation. The entire system weighs 480 grams, including the batteries.

Kask: Omega Ski Racing Helmet

Omega is the first ski racing helmet from Italian helmet specialist Kask.
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With the Omega ski helmet, Italian helmet specialist Kask is launching its first ski racing helmet designed and manufactured entirely in Italy. It combines the Kask's experience from the world of cycling with input and analysis from World Cup skiers. Thanks to wind tunnel tests with professional skiers and the use of sophisticated simulation software, Kask has been able to improve both aerodynamics and weight. In the carbon version, the helmet also takes advantage of the special properties of carbon fiber to obtain an ultra-light helmet, making it one of the lightest competition helmets.

O'Neill: Hyperfreak Fire Wetsuit

The Hyperfreak Fire Wetsuit is the latest development of the US surf brand O'Neill.
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The Hyperfreak Fire Wetsuit from O'Neill is the latest development from the US surf specialist and is aimed at surfers who need unrestricted mobility even in cold weather and water conditions. This is made possible by the integration of heat-retaining graphene particles into the inner layer of the super-elastic Technobutter neoprene. This makes the Hyperfreak Fire Wetsuit warmer than other wetsuits on the market, but without giving up the special stretch of O'Neill's well-known Hyperfreak range. Thanks to the high flexibility of the material and the special heat retention capacity, surfers can surf longer at the highest level even in the toughest conditions.

Silva: Spectra Headlamp

The new Spectra headlamp from Silva comes to a light output of 10,000 lumens.
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The new Spectra headlamp from Silva of Sweden turns night into day. With an incredible light output of 10,000 lumens, it was developed for all fast action sports where good light is important, such as downhilling or motorsports. The headlamp features eight high-performance LEDs of the latest technology, built into a slim, sleek housing. It comes with a powerful 96 Wh battery. The lamp can also be controlled by remote control and has five different light settings, ranging from 80 to 10,000 lumens.

Wintersteiger: Velobrush Bike Wash Station

The Velobrush bike wash station from Wintersteiger is a fully automatic washing system for bicycles.
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With the Velobrush bike wash station, the Austrian specialist for machinery and plant engineering, Wintersteiger, has developed a fully automatic washing system that allows service workshops or professional bike rental companies to clean all types of bicycles quickly, conveniently and in a resource-saving manner. The bicycle is loaded into the machine via an ergonomic transport carriage and cleaned there with rotating brushes and low water pressure. This protects bearings and other moving components. The machine is designed as a completely closed system, therefore the environment of the machine always remains clean and dry, and the water can be reused in a closed water circuit with filter system.

Blue Ice: Harfang Alpine Crampons

With the Harfang Alpine crampon Blue Ice presents an extremely lightweight 12-point crampon.
Image credit:
Blue Ice

The French specialist for mountain sports equipment Blue Ice has already won the coveted ISPO Award with its Harfang crampons at the beginning of the year. With the Harfang Alpine crampon, the concept was developed even further and could again convince the jury. With a weight of only 623 grams including anti-balling system, Blue Ice presents an extremely lightweight 12-point crampon for technical mountaineering in any variation of ice or rock.
The crampon has a front and a rear rail made of chromoly steel. The two are connected by a textile strap that is adjustable in length and saves weight without sacrificing robustness. Compared to the Harfang, the front rail has been lengthened to increase stiffness. The asymmetrical design has been adapted for the left and right shoe shape to achieve the best possible performance. The Harfang Alpine is designed to fit any boot with heel welt.

Blue Ice: Alpine Runners Climbing Equipment

More practical than classic express slings: The Alpine Runners from Blue Ice.
Image credit:
Blue Ice

Many climbers know this: extending and untangling express slings is sometimes tricky in awkward positions and requires more skill and energy than necessary. Blue Ice from France has therefore developed a single-strand sling to improve practicality and ensure time-saving handling with high performance. In total, the Alpine Runners come in four different lengths and colors, with the longer versions also being perfect for setting up your belay. The material is abrasion resistant, lightweight and UV resistant. Thanks to a special rope construction made of ultra-high-strength yarn, the system manages without seams. The clever system was designed for multi-pitch and alpine climbing.

The next jury meeting will be in November

Brands can apply for the ISPO Award with their products all year round. The jury meets four times a year and selects the winners. Part of the award concept is that each winning product is presented in detail on, whereby the brand itself can determine the time of publication. In addition, the products can be presented at the ISPO Award Exhibition at ISPO Munich on November 28-30, 2022. The next ISPO Award winners will be determined in November.