West Kiteboarding Convinces With at ISPO Brandnew 2021

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The ISPO community has decided: West Kiteboarding is the start-up of the year. In the final live pitch at ISPO Munich Online, founder Felix Straub prevailed with his magnetic kiteboard binding in the field of ten award-winning finalists and secured the title of the ISPO Brandnew Overall Winner 2021. Felix Straub Kiteboarding
With Felix Straub has pitched himself to the Overall Winner

90 seconds that decide everything. After years of development and many months of preparation, it was like so often in sports: In the end, a few moments decide victory and place. The ten winners of the newcomer competition ISPO Brandnew had come to Munich, at least virtually, to secure the crown for the best start-up of the year at ISPO Munich Online.

Each participant had 90 seconds for the pitch, after which moderator Dan Ram asked questions for another minute and a half - and then the users had their say. More than 1,300 viewers voted and chose as the winner of the evening.

Start-Ups That Drive the Sports Industry Forward

Every year, the world's largest competition for start-ups in the sports industry honors the most innovative ideas. It's not just about the product. Market opportunities and special innovations in the areas of sustainability, design, quality, functionality and technology are evaluated.

The pitch is also always about the passion and dedication of the founders. And from this point of view, too, the ten pitches were each worth seeing in their own right.

But not only the presentations, also the individual competition entries have it all: "The founders are very close to the sport and are looking for concrete solutions to concrete problems," says Stephan Barth, as Product Manager Awards & Innovation responsible for the newcomer competition. "At ISPO Brandnew, we see new approaches and new ideas that really advance our industry."

Founders for the Future in Sports

The ten founders made it into the all-important pitch with a wide variety of concepts. The spectrum ranged from a smart wearable that warns outdoor athletes of sunburn, to highly functional cycling clothing for pregnant women, to a purely mechanical carrying aid that distributes the weight of the backpack better.

It was a long road for the start-ups that made it to the digital trade fair as selections or winners - over 100 applicants had submitted their ideas and products. A top-class jury of nine international experts had already reviewed the individual submissions in October. The preparations for the competition took months for everyone involved.

At the end of the process, there were ten winners and 19 start-ups that made it into the selection. The effort is worth it, juror Britta Weddeling from the start-up fair Bits & Pretzls is sure. "Anyone who wants to know what the future holds in the sports industry has to look at ISPO Brandnew".

Click.ma_West Kiteboarding
The winner interview after the Brandnew Pitch: Stephan Barth, ISPO Product Manager Awards & InnovationInterview with Felix Straub
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Munich Trade Fair Centre

Already very concrete are the plans of Overall Winner Felix Straub. "The prize is a great opportunity to go out and sell my board now," said the founder of West Kiteboarding shortly after the announcement.

ISPO Brandnew is a good starting point to really get going now. But he had already done that before: If you want to see how a winning pitch works - here comes Felix Straub with his 90 Brandnew seconds.

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