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Due to the Corona pandemic, the jury meeting for the ISPO Award took place hybrid: on-site and virtual.
The international sports industry will be meeting purely virtually at ISPO Munich Online from February 1 to 5. Nevertheless, there will be important impulses, exciting new trends and fruitful dialogiue - the jury meeting of the ISPO Award has shown how the personal and professional exchange can work perfectly over distance.

Winter sports
The winter 2020/21 brings many uncertainties for ski retailers, customers, but also for manufacturers. But the basic mood is positive: when the snow comes, it can be a very good season despite Corona. The growth of cycling in times of Covid-19 can be a role model.

To stand out in performance running clothing, Saysky goes its own way in design.
ISPO Brandnew starts the application process for 2021. Saysky founder and CEO Lars Pedersen-winner in 2016-reveals how he has gone his own way in the sports business and created his own niche in the running wear market.