The benefits

This is what you get as awardee

ISPO promotes the Products of the Year, all Gold Winners and Winners with an extensive PR and communication benefit package.

The total benefit packages of the individual prize winners is about

Product of the Year: EUR 7,500
Gold Winner: EUR 6,200
Winner: EUR 3,900

In addition, there are special benefits for awardees who exhibit at ISPO trade fairs.

The basic benefits for each awardee

For Products of the Year, Gold Winners and Winners

Award Label

Award Label

Products of the Year, all Gold Winners and Winners - each will receive its own label for placement in print and web, e.g. Social Media, advertisements, POS/displays, website, email signature, lookbook.



Trophy for ISPO Award Products of the Year and all Gold Winners handed over during the ISPO Award prize-giving ceremony on the first day of ISPO Munich.

A valuable stainless steel trophy with a discreet and high-quality design and the inscription of the brand and product name. It's an excellent piece for office presentation.

Certificate for ISPO Award Winner, handed over during the ISPO Award benefit pick-up on the day before ISPO Munich.

Well-positioned at the office of the brand, the Certificate is a sign of excellence, indicating the exceptional potential of your brand.


Pins for the staff or stand personnel set the awardees apart from the rest. Perfect for trade shows, training, distributors, etc.

Hangtags and Stickers

Hangtags and Stickers

Awardees receive product stickers and hangtags that can be attached to the winning products.

A first small amount will be handed out at the benefit pick-up on the day before ISPO Munich. After the trade show, you will receive a mail to order the bigger amounts.

Products of the Year and Gold Winner have an exempt amount of 10,000 items. For Winner, it is 5,000 items. You can also ask for the printing data for your own reproduction of the sticker or integrate it into your packaging design.

In retail, labeled products will definitely stand out. Medialisation

Online Product feature – All awardees will be presented all year long at the relevant subpage of ISPO Award at

The overview will help the visitor, media, and distributors before the show to get a first glimpse at the awardees and through the link to your product site, they can inform themselves in detail.

Media Production - All awardees will receive a special editorial package for, depending on their ranking.

Awardees 2019
Winner Manual

Winner Manual

This guideline informs you about your benefits as an ISPO Award awardee and offers suggestions regarding the effective use and how to integrate them in your own communication.

Booth Sticker

Booth stickers (Additionally for ISPO Exhibitors)

Awarded brands, exhibiting at ISPO Munich, will be handed out a larger version of the product stickers – size 179x420mm –  at ISPO Munich. This can be attached to the wall or any other tools of your trade show booth and will definitely stand out.

More for the best

For Products of the Year and Gold Winners

Award Ceremony

Award Ceremony at ISPO Munich

During the ISPO Award prize-giving ceremonies on the first day of ISPO Munich, the Trophy will be handed over to ISPO Award Products of the Year and all Gold Winners on stage.

Please stay tuned for the exact schedule.


Award Exhibition at ISPO Munich (Additionally for ISPO Exhibitors)

This venue includes all Products of the Year and Gold Winners of brands, exhibiting at ISPO. Around 80,000 professionals visiting ISPO Munich will be able to see and learn about the awarded product at the unique exhibition area in hall B1.

ISPO Beijing

Award Exhibition at ISPO Beijing (Additionally for selected ISPO Exhibitors)

This venue includes all Products of the Year and Gold Winners of selected brands, exhibiting at ISPO Beijing. 

The icing on the cake

Especially for the Products of the Year

Video production

The proud winners of the ISPO Award Product of the Year label will receive high quality 8k video content as part of their benefit package. All video production is provided by our video content partner ISENSEE FILMS