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Try to put yourself in the jury's shoes: it may be the first time the jury experiences your product. The competitors' products are right next to yours. You will have to create a convincing explanation about your product highlight and what makes YOUR product outstanding. With our application tips, you can optimize your application and increase your chances to be awarded.

Application Tips


The application is the first and most important step on the way to the ISPO Award. The first judging is carried out only on the basis of the information and descriptions submitted. Only products and services that are convincing with their application documents will be selected for the jury meeting. 

Be specific
Like a sales pitch or meeting with a client, the application should reflect the unique characteristics of the product in only a few easy key sentences to attract the jury’s attention.

Be clear
A clear presentation with powerful content can help convince the jury. Avoid any kind of marketing catchphrases and clearly describe the functions and the benefits for the end-consumer.

Be structured
An application structured according to the evaluation criteria with clear, specific arguments will make it easier for the jury to assess the submission.

Take your time
Don’t rush when completing the application! You can interrupt your application at any time and resume at a later point. It is also possible to skip certain points at first and return later to complete or correct them.


Our recommendation – upgrade your submission with an optional, simple video. It is your only possibility to present the product to the jury in your own words, directly from you to them.

Again, please remember that the jury does not know your new products yet. The video should include the most important information including your brand’s message in one minute and provide a clear definition of the functionality of your product as well as its benefit for the end-consumer.

This does not imply, by all means, that we want a professionally produced and edited video. All that counts is pure information. Simply take a seat in front of a small video cam and introduce your products. Usually, the jury does not appreciate pure marketing videos.



Language: English.

Length: Maximum 1 minute.

Formats: DVD, Quicktime, AVI or all other common video formats

Size: 1920x1080 px are ideal.

Important Notice

Please note that we do not require a product sample until the judging meeting. Directly after the 1st judging date, all applicants who successfully completed this round will be notified and requested to send in their product sample. There are usually two weeks between the 1st judging and the jury meeting. Please have the product samples ready so that you can send them immediately in case of a positive notification.


There's nothing to lose, but a lot to gain.

You can find important questions and answers in our English webinar: 


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