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Agogic Outerwear Combines Function and Durability with Urban Style

Weatherproof 2.0 – Agogic Outerwear brings classic rainwear, outdoor lifestyle and athletic leisure luxury to the big city. The target group is active, working women and men between 30 and 50. The outerwear combines timeless, classic design and robust, sustainably produced material to create a unique, modular layering. To extend the life cycle of each item, Agogic also offers a repair and repurchase system.

Foundation: Italy, 2020

What the Jury Says

“The jury was immediately enamored with the look and feel of AGOGIC’s weatherproof collection. But function and style alone are not enough: AGOGIC Outerwear also focuses on sustainable material innovation, durability and COconscious logistics.” 

Luise Wunner, Co-Founder & CMO SensuSport

About Agogic

Top target group and excellent design: Agogic Outerwear makes timeless everyday clothes for working women and men between 30 and 50 who are active in the city.

The Founder

The internationally experienced designer Salome Wilson realizes her own ideas with the start-up Agogic and also consistently focuses on diversity within her team.

Contact Agogic

58, Via Luigi Valeriani
40134 Bologna

For inquiries please contact
Salome Wilson