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Veloine – Women Cycling Apparel: Innovative Clothing for Female Cyclists

Sport and pregnancy are not mutually exclusive – many cyclists remain active during pregnancy. That's why Veloine – Women Cycling Apparel has developed cycling clothing for women that combines style and performance with comfort, even during pregnancy. The Veloine Pregnancy Cycling Kit is designed to help pregnant cyclists to keep on cycling for as long as possible. The parts grow with the wearer, as the jersey has a special fabric pleat that expands as needed. Special cuts provide support while the soft fabric has little compression. Veloine’s aim is to make cycling more feminine overall.

Foundation: Germany, 2019

What the Jury Says

“I think that women belong wherever decisions are made. The fact that a winner of ISPO Brandnew is a start-up for women in cycling sends a very strong message to the sports industry: We need to support women even more, empower them to be courageous and push their limits.”

Iris Cordoba, CEO Global Sports Innovation Center

About Veloine - Women Cycling Apparel

The start-up Veloine – Women Cycling Apparel sees itself as a boutique brand for female cyclists who value performance and fashion. In order to quickly meet the very specific demand of female customers, the Veloine Pregnancy Kit is only available via the company’s own online shop.

The Founding Team

Gather experience – and then do your own thing. Sandra Waschnewski and Jürgen Falkenrath are successful marketers, as well as passionate cyclists. This is how the idea for Veloine – Women Cycling Apparel came about.

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