Big Agnes' Director of Operations: Forming Partnerships with the help of the Trade Fair

OutDoor by ISPO: Expand the Outdoor Industry in Europe

In an series, important outdoor representatives tell us what they think of the OutDoor by ISPO concept and what they hope to see before the premiere (June 30 to July 3, 2019). Read it here: Chris Tamucci, Director of Operations of Big Agnes.

Big Agnes is an award-winning sleeping bag and tent producer.
Big Agnes is an award-winning sleeping bag and tent producer.

New setting, new vision: After 25 years in Friedrichshafen, the OutDoor will be held in Munich for the first time from June 30 to July 3, 2019. The change of location comes along with a change of concept for the first OutDoor by ISPO, which was presented by The European Outdoor Group and ISPO at the launch.

As Director of Operations of the award-winning sleeping bag and tent producer Big Agnes Chris Tamucci hopes that the new OutDoor by ISPO will be a catalyst for the outdoor industry in Europe. With a distribution center in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Big Agnes is already experiencing rapid growth with its European retail partners.

Fahrradfahrer auf den Bergen
From June 12 to 14, OutDoor by ISPO will take place and we are happy to welcome you again as a visitor. Take the opportunity to finally meet colleagues and partners from the industry again and discover the latest service and product highlights.

Take Advantage of the Trends

Regarding the Plans of a 365-day platform Chris Tamucci says in a “3 questions for” interview with “We’ll be interested to see specifics on how ISPO can drive engagement year-round and outside of the tradeshows.“ What do you hope to see from the new concept that ISPO has presented to the industry?

Chris Tamucci:
We hope to see a continued effort to expand the Outdoor Industry in Europe, increase participation in Outdoor activities, and take advantage of the trends that will drive future growth.

"We See Even More Opportunity to Form Partnerships"

Where does your brand see itself within this context? How do you plan on participating at the OutDoor by ISPO?
The concept of Core Outdoor, Outdoor+ and Cross-Industry are great for Big Agnes. While we’re planted in Core Outdoor, our innovation extends to Outdoor+ (for example our new bikepacking line of tents for 2019) and Cross-Industry (our mtnGLO tents that include integrated LED lighting).

We see even more opportunity to not only create our own products in these segments, but to form partnerships with brands in Outdoor+ and Cross-Industry. A good example would be partnering with a bicycle brand for marketing efforts related to bike-packing.

A Healthy Show with a Growing Retailer Attendance

What do you think are the most important things that should happen until the first OutDoor by ISPO 2019?
We want to see that the first year of this new show is healthy, and that retailer attendance grows over 2018.

Interview Series: "3 Questions" on OutDoor by ISPO:

In an series on OutDoor by ISPO, important outdoor representatives tell us what they think of the concept and what they hope to see before the premiere.

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