Sporting goods

Der Nachhaltigkeits-Experte Steve Richardson will Konsumenten dazu bringen, weniger zu waschen.
Mountains of dirty clothes accumulate especially among athletes. Steve Richardson wants to make consumers wash less. With a study he proves how important this is for climate protection. He also explains how the laundry pile can be reduced.

Das Land Rover Explore ist für jeden Outdoor-Einsatz geeignet und bietet exakte GPS-Daten auch abseits der Zivilisation
The Land Rover Explore is a cell phone for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s said to make all other technical devices like GPS devices and outdoor watches redundant. Does the smartphone deliver what it promises? Find out and participate in the exclusive phone test. The best testers are allowed to keep the phone after the test phase.

The Land Rover Explore works in any environment
Das Land Rover Explore soll das perfekte Outdoor-Handy sein. Präzise wie ein GPS-Gerät, mit allen Funktionen eines Android-Handys, sehr robust und auch für extreme Temperaturen geeignet. Outdoor-Fans, die an dem Handy interessiert sind, können das Smartphone bei ISPO Open Innovationen testen. Die fleißigsten Tester dürfen das Gerät behalten.

According to Andreas Bersch, Freeletics operates successful influencer marketing.
In 2017, Influencer marketing was a big “hype topic”. In 2018, it’s a matter of professionalisation. A digital expert explains what sports brands need to know about the most important influencer channels and uses two examples from the sports industry to describe what good communication with influencers can look like.