5 Sport Start-Ups You Should Know in 2019

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We have seen many new entrants in the sports wearables sector over the years. While smart watches are well-known and widely used devices for athletes, there are many new products and new companies trying to get their products out there. Here are 5 sport start-ups presenting huge innovations that could disrupt the sports industry soon.

Aio smart sleeve is one of the few wearables that are truly fitting with any kind of activity.
Aio smart sleeve is one of the few wearables that are truly fitting with any kind of activity.

1. Aio Smart Sleeve: The World’s First Smart Compression Sleeve

The developers of Aio smart sleeve see many problems with using fitness bracelets to track activity. If you wear a regular fitness bracelet too loose, it keeps moving around your wrist while you work out and the movement might disrupt the accuracy of the bracelet or not even capture the heart rate at all. But if you wear the bracelet too tight, it might interfere with blood flow.

Aio smart sleeve is one of the few wearables that are truly suitable for any kind of activity. It combines compression clothing with technology to offer a solution to improve health with detailed medical and fitness analysis via smartphone application.

2. Carewear: Printing Light for Athletic Recovery and Pain Relief

Carewear Corp Wearable Therapeutics is a Nevada-based firm that has developed the first wearable, wireless, FDA-registered LED light patch for athletes in all sports. The patch produces blue and red light to reduce pain and improve tissue recovery by increasing local blood circulation and elevating tissue temperature.

This means that the users, regardless of their athletic skill level or the sport they practice, can speed up their recovery and return to their sport more quickly. Carewear is not necessarily a sports wearable, but definitely perfectly fitting for athletes in all levels, which is why they get a spot on the list.

Carewear is a helper for for athletic recovery.
Carewear is a helper for for athletic recovery.
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WT | Wearable Technologies

3. Skiiot: Next Generation Winter Sports

Skiiot is a winter sport digitizer from the northern part of Finland. Their product is an all-in-one sensor device combined with a mobile/web application, and it can currently be used in cross-country skiing.

With Skiiot, the user can get reliable snow temperature measurements throughout the whole track and any observation about the ski performance, surrounding conditions and technique. The product has already caught attention in the skiing world, and it is used by Norwegian Olympiatoppen, the highest authority in Norwegian elite sports as well as Team Ragde Eiendom, which is one of the leading teams in long-distance cross-country skiing.

4. On Tracks Guide Watches: Navigation With No Screen, No Map, No Voice

Marseille-based On Tracks was founded in 2016 out of a need for a simple navigation system for runners. The founder, Philippe, wanted to get information about his route without any voice guidance because he thought it distracts his experience of running in the nature. The solution to his problem are the On Tracks Guide Watches. These two watches should be connected to the runner’s wrists just like a regular smart watch with a difference that there is a watch for both hands. Before starting to run, the runner should choose the path he is going to from the On Tracks app. With that information, the watches will guide him by vibrations to the left or right to know when to turn.

On Tracks will soon have own watches available for motorcycles and bikes, which allows safe riding without having to stop to check the map.


5. Vitascale™: Head Set System for Metabolism and Performance

Vitascale™ is a German specialist of headset systems for breath based diagnostic and control. Their product is also an all-in-one system, but made for people who want to take care of their individual training intensity, monitor the calories and fat burned and follow their general performance development.

The product is especially well-suited for people who feel like they do follow a healthy diet and regularly work out, but still somehow struggle to achieve their fitness goals. The Vitascale app works with an intelligent algorithm that gives information about the performance and constantly develops the training plan. In addition, Vitascale helps with optimizing your diet and determining your individual metabolism.

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Christian Stammel is CEO at WT | Wearable Technologies, a leading innovation and business development platform for wearables, and updating readers about latest trends on digitalization, wearable tech and IoT in sports, fitness and well-being. More information about WT at www.wearable-technologies.com