OutDoor by ISPO 2019/09/02/2019


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Outdoor and new technologies are merging ever further. Whether it’s smart textiles, wearables, logistics, laser technologies, automation or environmental technologies –X-industry aims to bring the outdoor movement together with other sectors to create innovations and new collaborations. The maxim here is ‘think outside the box’.

Recycled polyester
Recycled polyester from old PET bottles

Environmental protection forges links with outdoor

Climate-friendly venues, sustainable outdoor activities, and environmental technology projects that help improve the ecological footprint when producing, distributing and using outdoor equipment – the links between outdoor and environmental protection are very diverse. Climate protection is equally as important here as the issue of efficient and sparing use of resources. In short, sustainability and outdoor are already closely linked.

X-Industry aims to promote the exchange between the different industries. The format allows the different industries to work jointly to develop the international outdoor industry. From June 30 to July 3, 2019, X-Industry took place for the first time at the OutDoor by ISPO trade fair with the following components.

    1) Exhibition area: Trade fairs introduce themselves

    With the X-Industry exhibition area in Hall B5, a physical platform was created in which outdoor know-how was combined and expanded with sectors outside the industry. Solutions from the following areas (Digital Retail- & Industry Solutions, Environmental Technologies, Printed- & Organic Elektronics, Elektronic Components, Transport- & Logistics, Real Estate and Automation- & Robotics) were shown.

    The industry trade fairs automatica, electronica, EXPO REAL, IFAT, LASER World of PHOTONICS, LOPEC and transport logistic introduced themselves and gave application examples which are relevant for the outdoor industry.

    Picture of electronica Cross Industries
    Different industries demonstrate their expertise in the outdoor sector
    Image credit:
    Messe München

    2) Next Entrepreneurs

    Young people of Generation Z worked on solutions to selected global issues of the four partner companies.

    Topics of the partners:

    • Vaude: What does the perfect Generation Z outdoor weekend look like?
    • MMG Strategy: New Work - what does the ideal working environment look like for you?
    • German Council of Shopping Centers: What will the shopping center of the future be like?
    • xStarters: How can we make cities and communities more environmentally friendly and liveable?

    Solutions of Generation Z:


    Kids want to go outdoor, but they are limited in their possibilities due to their age. This app is meant to help. Because they organize themselves in groups and go with caretakers on camps in the mountains or at the lake. VAUDE can provide equipment that kids cannot afford. Through the app, parents always know how their kids are doing and can follow the moments their children experience.

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    In order to create an incentive for young people to go outdoor, they can collect points with this app as soon as they are outside. Whether cycling, running, hiking, walking, swimming or chilling. They can give the points in the form of a donation to an organisation that is close to their hearts. Through Augmented Reality they can also playfully find out where they are and learn interesting facts about the trees, mountains, lakes and rivers in their immediate environment.

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    New Work – The other way round

    An app for the employees of a company as the central workstation app. You can use it to find jobs in the cities. A quiet café for telephone calls, a lively one for creative impulses - of course always with a functioning Wifi. And you're not only connected to your own colleagues, but also to experts on the subject who can help you get ahead. The latest studies from the field are also sent to you. When checking into a café, the in-house canteen receives information that the employee is eating out. And if the kindergarten is close to the temporary place of work, you can also pick up your child - reminder to yourself and message to partner included.

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    New Work goes Green

    Tips for better work – “Green” plays an important role here. An Urban Jungle indoors and green outdoor surfaces combined with lots of glass give transparency and brightness. E-scooters make a fast movement on the work site possible.

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    Dinosaur Shopping Center

    A shopping center that impresses with its form: a dinosaur. The entrance is via the tail; the exit is also via the tail, but only if you use the slide from above. This way, one gets down full of energy. But that's not all. Questions asked after entering the shopping center provide product recommendations. With electric scooters, one can drive on rolling walkways to the different floors and be inspired by the products during the ride. A hologram that depicts one's own body saves time when moving and enables fast and mobile payment at the central cash desks at the entrance.

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    Shopping Center Community

    The proposal is a shopping centre, which not only serves for shopping, but also offers children in the neighbourhood a place where they can get free homework help. Parents thus receive free childcare. Of course, there are also electric scooters for quick progress and a large food area with healthy dishes and different portions for the different target groups.

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    Stui – The cleaning robot

    A garbage cleaning robot is the core of this community idea. Every neighbourhood can apply to the city with a social idea such as a sports field for the neighbourhood. In order to get money, Stui - the garbage cleaning robot - drives through the neighborhood. The less garbage he finds, the more money there is for the realization of the social project (sports field, benches, etc.). So residents automatically feel obliged to take care of the communally created places and to keep them clean.

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    Vertical Green

    Concrete deserts are a nightmare of every city. To cool down the cities and offer people a green escape, vertical plant walls can be attached to the windows - even if you don't have a balcony. The plants can be configured: For those who want to harvest, for the bees and for extra cooling. A separate irrigation system ensures that the plants are always sufficiently watered. The entire project is financed by public funds, because this can significantly improve people's living conditions.

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    3) Presentations about other industry trade fairs

    Lectures on Printed and Organic Electronics (LOPEC)

    Lectures on the topics transport and logistic

    • Lars Gutermuth, LOXXESS: "Digitization in the warehouse“

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