Trail running

Die Socken und Waden-Sleeves von Qilta unterstützen die Regeneration nach dem Sport.
Swelling, blisters and wounds on the feet make things often difficult for athletes. The Irish startup Qilta promises the perfect recovery for the feet with its innovative recovery socks and calf sleeves. The ISPO Open Innovation community can exclusively convince itself of this in a free test.

Salomon vermittelt den Trailrunning-Spaß in zahlreichen Workshops vor Eurer Haustür.
Salomon considers itself to be a global ambassador for the sport of trail running. In workshops and with a broad media campaign, Salomon is making trail running come alive for many runners. (Promotion).

Communities wie die Adididas Runners Munich erfreuen sich großer Beliebtheit.
Adidas Runners, Icebug Forest Femmes, Brooks Run Happy - running communities initiated by running brands are an integral part of the running scene in major cities. Can the self-organised or professionalised running groups also be of interest to local sports retailers? has spoken with brand representatives.