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3. Das Gemeinschafts-Gefühl! Hindernisläufe sind was für Einzelgänger? Quatsch! Jeder hilft jedem und unterstützt die anderen. Wer nicht mit Freunden kommt, hat danach welche gefunden.
Whether it's clubs, training groups or online meet-ups: sports communities have an enormous significance for well-being. However, according to renowned sports psychologist Kai Engbert, the Corona pandemic will permanently change the structures.

Anaerob Training is important and a very effective weight loss method
The importance of anaerobic training is gaining more and more weight in the fitness world. The reason for this is the importance that the short but intense power efforts of this training method - like sprinting during endurance running or high-intensity interval training - has for burning fat. We show how it works exactly and what you have to keep in mind during training.

How important are sports and exercise in nature in times of "melancovid"? Market researcher, graduate psychologist and bestselling author Stephan Grünewald explains what only nature can give us and gives tips on how each individual - but also the sports industry - can get through this time in the healthiest way.