Technology trend wearables - the innovations of our time

Wearables, that means "wearable" - and that's a good description. Because the wearables trend is all about portable mini-computers and other gadgets that support athletes during sports. The spectrum ranges from smartwatches and fitness trackers to action cams. In many sports, wearables are now standard. The editorial team keeps an eye on the latest developments and gives recommendations on what is really worthwhile.

Wearables: technical innovation for leisure sports

Recreational sports are becoming more and more professional, in fitness training as well as in running, in the various action sports and in the entire outdoor sector. One of the reasons for this is that even recreational athletes now have measurement and control values at their disposal that not even professionals had a few years ago. The market is highly innovative, and not only Apple (iOS) and Samsung (Android) are playing along. For creative startups, the growing wearables market is opening up terrific opportunities.

Wearables conquer the world of sports

Small tracking devices on the wrist or chest strap reliably record the distance run and the route profile while jogging, assign health data such as heart rate or calorie consumption, and calculate the runner's fitness and the optimal training program for the coming day on this basis. The community entry provides feedback from like-minded people, new route recommendations, running advances and, above all, a powerful boost of motivation. One example, because wearables are now available in all sporting areas, even route planning for climbers on the rock will soon be possible.

The sport of the future with wearables

From toys for sports enthusiasts to must-haves for everyone, from smartwatches to fitness trackers. We at show you which gadgets make sense and which trends you shouldn't miss.

Wearables - much more than measurement and control

Some training programs would probably never have come into being without these little electronic helpers. For example, HIIT, the fat-burning miracle of high-intensity interval training in the gym, is based on precise adherence to training phases and breaks. If you try it with a stopwatch in your hand, you'll quickly run into problems.

Wearables are perhaps the most important technology trend of this decade. A multi-billion euro market. For the sports industry and active people, it means a revolution. Which products will be launched in 2016, 17 and 18? What are the opportunities for sports professionals and recreational athletes? Where do the problems lie, for example in the area of data protection?

The editorial team is taking an in-depth look at these topics and is right up close. With ISPO OPEN INNOVATION, a crowdsourcing tool has been created for the first time that links sports industry experts with athletes all year round. This allows the requirements of active people to flow directly into product development, including in the area of wearables. Never before has customer loyalty been so close, and never before could new trends be identified more quickly and implemented in development in a targeted manner.

Germany and Europe - at the forefront

European companies and start-ups are in an excellent position in the highly innovative wearables market. This is proven not least by the results of ISPO Brandnew and the Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup, in which companies from Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal and other European countries are regularly among the nominees and award winners.