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With a Vision for Employees: Outdoor Brand Dynafit Plans Its Relocation

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The mountain sports brand Dynafit is moving from the surrounding area of Munich to Kiefersfelden, which should also increase the attractiveness of the company for new employees in the outdoor segment. Meanwhile the owner Heiner Oberrauch prepares his withdrawal.

The new Dynafit building in Kiefersfelden
The new Dynafit building in Kiefersfelden

Three years from now, it's supposed to be: Then there will be a new "landmark" in Kiefersfelden on the German border with Austria, as Heiner Oberrauch says. The owner of the Oberalp Group, which includes the pure mountaineering brands Dynafit, Salewa, Pomoca, Wild Country and Evolv, presented Dynafit's major relocation plans at a press conference in Munich.

The company is moving closer to the mountains from Aschheim under the motto "A new home for the snow leopard" (Dynafit logo). Similar to the Salewa building in Bolzano, the new building in Kiefersfelden will also attract a lot of attention in the future in the landscape around the motorway. The brand has enlisted the help of the renowned Barcelona architects Barozzi/Veiga.

"Kiefersfelden Is a Place of Longing for Many of Our Employees"

It is an important step from the point of view of corporate strategy and happens with a vision, as Oberrauch emphasized. Dynafit goes where its employees, who are all mountaineering enthusiasts, pursue their hobby. "For many of our employees, Kiefersfelden and the Wilder Kaiser is a place of longing," says Oberrauch. "There people can live close to nature in the countryside."

This location could in fact become a pledge in the courtship of new employees, the responsible persons hope. Dynafit works according to the principle "from athletes for athletes" anyway. "Then our athletes are where they can do their leisure activities and live their passion. That's why we're happy to be able to move," says Benedikt Böhm, General Manager of Dynafit.

Applause from Employees

"Brands need an authentic home where they can be experienced," says Axel Brosch, General Manager Central Europe at Oberalp. Oberrauch received raving applause from the staff when he announced the move.

100 employees are expected to work in Kiefersfelden from 2022. But also a special restaurant, a fitness room, a brand experience world, a glass manufactory, a day-care centre for children and a meeting room are to be integrated. 30 meters high are the towers of the building to become - according to the "Landmark" motto, it will be visible from afar.

A flagship store is also planned in the building.
A flagship store is also planned in the building.
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20 Million Euros as a Budget Framework

"We are also opening up the company to the public," says Oberrauch. The budget for the building is 20 million euros to create "a home that fits the brand". The new building will also house the headquarters of the Oberalp subsidiary for Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Salewa/Dynafit have grown most strongly as brands in the Group's portfolio. Recently, the turnover of the group of companies increased by three percent to 220 million euros. This year another seven or eight percent increase in sales is planned - and that in the generally stagnating outdoor market.

Heiner Oberrauch Prepares His Successor

Oberrauch therefore believes that it is also the right time to hand over the family business to the next generation - the sixth in all. His daughter Ruth, who introduced the company at the press conference, will gradually move into the leadership role.

"At the next press conference I may not be there anymore," said Heiner Oberrauch in Munich. He's planning to retire slowly. Most recently, his daughter moved to Kiefersfelden and was also responsible for the sustainability of the 1500-employee company.

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