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Winter sports
The winter sports highlights for the 2020/21 season combine sustainability, functionality and style. takes a close look at the innovations of the winter sports industry and presents the award-winning products of the new season from Nordica, Alpina, Rossignol & Co.

ISPO Textrends
Waste not, want not - the reusable stand made of recycled materials at Ashford - The Fabric Workshop Photo credit
ISPO Munich 2020 confirmed that the message on responsibility and sustainability has been heard, implemented and heralded, as brands and collections throughout the show embraced the cause. At the starting point of the supply chain the S-Word is becoming a permanent fact and not just a feature.

Work Ski Balance - Marlene erzählt von ihrem Leben als Outdoorbloggerin und den Erfahrungen mit Unternehmenskooperationen
What should companies consider when cooperating with bloggers in the sports sector? This is explained by an experienced outdoor blogger. And there is also the chance to get in touch with bloggers for brands and retailers at ISPO Munich