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Top 10: The Most Popular Sports Brands on Instagram

Instagram has become a powerful marketing tool for sports brands. To put this into perspective: there are more Nike followers in the world than Germans. Two outdoor companies have also made it into the top 10 of the most popular brands on Instagram.


10. Fila: 2.03 million followers

The company, which was founded in Italy, has its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, since 2007. The sporting goods manufacturer presents on FILA Instagram page “filausa” as a lifestyle brand with a retro touch.

9. Reebok: 2.29 million followers

On Reebok Instagram, the company relies on well-known brand faces, such as top models Gigi Hadid, who herself has 46.7 million followers. Like all top 10 accounts, the Adidas subsidiary posts in English.

8. Gymshark: 3.07 million followers 

While companies like FILA have more than 100 years of company history on their backs, Gymshark was founded in 2012 by teenagers around Ben Francis. Less than seven years later, the manufacturer and online retailer of fitness clothing and accessories has become a social media power with Gymshark Instagram 3.07 million followers.

7. New Balance: 3.13 million followers

On New Balance Instagram, the British company highlights lifestyle shots and prominent partners. Probably the biggest driving force at the moment is FC Liverpool, which is equipped by the sporting goods manufacturer.

6. The North Face: 3.79 million followers

Two outdoor brands have made it into the top 10. The North Face Instagram collaborations like the hashtag #SheMovesMountains about adventurous and courageous female climbers, that The North Face pursues together with SportScheck, are well received by the Instagram community.

5. Patagonia: 3.89 million followers

The second outdoor brand among the top 10 brands is the US company Patagonia. With posts that create awareness of the environment and sustainability, Patagonia Instagram makes it into the top 5.

4. Under Armour: 7.02 million followers

Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank is notorious for his rousing and megalomaniac performances. The Baltimore-based company does not spill over on Under Armour Instagram either, as the more than 7 million followers of the brand founded in 1996 prove.

3. Puma: 9.36 million followers

Full Influencer power ahead at Puma Instagram! With Selena Gomez, the company from Herzogenaurach has an Instagram-institution (147.6 million followers!) as its driving force. In addition, there are big names such as Antoine Griezmann, Borussia Doortmund and, most recently, the company’s NBA comeback, which should give the US market some tailwind.

2. Adidas Originals: 32.7 million followers

Adidas Originals have to content themselves with the second largest account. But Adidas has much more in stock: its account “Adidasfootball” has an additional 27.8 million followers. The company-owned account “Adidas” has 23.3 million. And “small” accounts like “Adidas_de” add hundreds of thousands of fans. Such figures make it clear which potentials lie dormant in Adidas Original Instagram accounts tailored to target groups.

1. Nike: 85.9 million followers

Nike Instagram account has an impressive 85.9 million followers, making it the third largest corporate account after the in-house account of Instagram and National Geographic. “Nikefootball” adds another 37 million followers, “nikesportswear” has 6.8 million followers. Impressive figures from the US sporting goods manufacturer, which also has Cristiano Ronaldo, the most popular sportsman at Instagram, as its advertising face. The two have found each other…

The sport brands online release is a tribute to the modern world rhythm, where all life takes place in social networks. And Instagram is a platform that provides an opportunity for sportswear brands online retailers to become even more popular and to promote their values to an audience of millions.

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