Athlete in the team around football coach Pep Guardiola and ski mountaineer Greg Hill

Climbing star Alex Megos becomes ambassador of Gore-Tex

The brand Gore-Tex expands its team of athletes with one of the best sports climbers worldwide. With Alex Megos, who suddenly became a world-class climber in 2013.

Alex Megos from Erlangen is one of the world's top climbers.
Alex Megos from Erlangen is one of the world's top climbers.

Four years ago, Alex Megos was the first person ever to climb a route with difficulty level 9a "onsight", that means on the first attempt. This historic ascent in the Spanish climbing area Siruana made him world-famous in the scene, Megos is now one of the world's top climbers. And not only that: he could also make his hobby to his profession.

In an interview with, he revealed that, as a more famous climber, things were going steadily uphill, with more and more sponsors, so that the 24-year-old was ultimately able to make a living from his sport. Since then, it has ranked one of the most difficult mountain routes in the world after the other.

Gore-Tex would like to join the climbing community

On the ground, he has a new sponsor: the brand Gore-Tex. "Climbing is booming. Young people in particular are becoming increasingly interested in this fascinating sport. With Alex in our team we want to get even closer to the climbing community," says Andreas Marmsoler, responsible for sponsoring at W. L. Gore & Associates.

Megos, who supports the Gore-Tex-athletes team around Pep Guardiola or the ski mountaineer Greg Hill, started climbing as a child. His father showed him the nearby rocks around his home city Erlangen in the Franconian Jura. How high the support for Megos is, is not known.

2017 Megos won silver at the European Boulder Championship

Through consistent training Alex was not only successful on the rock, but also on the wall: 2009 and 2010 he became European Youth Champion, in the following year second at the World Championships (Youth) and in 2017 second at the Boulder European Championships.

With Megos, Marmsoler wants to "inspire people to pursue their climbing goals and find their lifestyle and we want our brand to make a positive contribution to their outdoor experiences". Or in the best case, like Alex Megos, to make their hobby to their profession.

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