Outdoor clothing

Der Nachhaltigkeits-Experte Steve Richardson will Konsumenten dazu bringen, weniger zu waschen.
Mountains of dirty clothes accumulate especially among athletes. Steve Richardson wants to make consumers wash less. With a study he proves how important this is for climate protection. He also explains how the laundry pile can be reduced.

Equipment inspired by nature for best performance
Newcomer brand BLACKYAK is showing with its collections that optimal function and a city-suitable design are by no means mutually exclusive. The company is focusing on the know-how of the Swiss laboratory “Development never stops” in its technical development.

Featherless jackets: Reliable warmth for crucial moments  Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
Outdoor specialist Marmot presents collection pieces made without PFCs, but still highly functional. The American company is also presenting a synthetic insulation material.