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ISPO Award Winners Who Know How to Hide Their Innovative Technology

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They are innovative. They are unique. And above all, they are often hidden: in chic jackets, a nifty app, or in ordinary-looking hardware. brings them to light! 12 products that impress with their hidden technology and have therefore won an ISPO Award.


WNDR Alpine Intention 108 Freeride Ski

A prime example of the perfect symbiosis of biotechnology and materials science is the Alpine Intention 108 freeride ski from WNDR. It relies on recycled components to take the ski's performance to the next level. Bio-based components such as the algae wall and core, as well as a recycled wood core stiffener in the binding area, work together to boost the ski with improved insulation, reduced weight and longer durability. WNDR shows with the Lapine Intention 108 Freeride Ski that performance and sustainability go hand in hand in the best way.


Halti Bergga Warm Parka

ISPO Award Gewinner: Halti Bergga Warm Parka, die perfekte Jacke für kalte Tage
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Sustainable, high-tech and mega stylish to boot, the Halti Bergga Warm Parka is an urban marvel. The parka jacket is made of synthetic materials while retaining all the properties of a down parka. And where is the technology hiding here? Clearly on the inside: Bulky padded 3D tunnels form an internal construction that provides surprising lightness. Air can circulate between the tunnels, yet they still keep you nice and warm. The jacket is also great for bad weather, thanks to Halti's signature Drymaxx® All Weather fabric. And thanks to modern, urban look, it is an outdoor piece suitable for the city.


CURREX InsoleFinder

CURREX Einlegesohlen für das perfekte Laufgefühl
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With a foot analysis to the perfect insole? This is now possible with the new, intuitive online purchase advice with the AI-based InsoleFinder from CURREX. The CURREX team examined 10,000 feet last year and developed a unique artificial intelligence based on the results. This was trained by sports scientists and can develop the optimal shape of the insole based on a photo of the inner arch of the foot. The comfort and stabilization of the foot for sports shoes was still so individual and simple.


Bergans Y Mountain 40 Daypack

It is lightweight, robust, adaptable, versatile and advanced: the All-Mountain backpack from Bergans. As one of the first, it impresses with the integrated SBX avalanche safety technology from Safeback. The Y Mountain 40 Daypack is easy to convert and can be shrunk to a minimum or converted into a fully equipped avalanche backpack in no time. Converting the backpack takes just two minutes. A true all-rounder for all mountain sports with surprising content.


SCARPA Phantom 8000 Thermic HD

Die Bergstiefel SCARPA Phantom 8000 Thermic HD sind im anspruchsvollen Gelände genau richtig
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Thanks to an exciting technical shoe development, expedition travelers on 8000-meter peaks or in the Arctic now get reliable equipment. The special feature? The SCARPA Phantom 8000 Thermic HD is the first mountain boot equipped with an integrated thermal system. The system is activated by a power button attached to the upper end of the outer boot. In addition, the Phantom 8000 Thermic HD has a RECCO reflector for greater safety. Great technology with great comfort.


Doubledeck Snowboards

Innovations in the snowboard segment have been a long time coming, but Doubledeck has put an end to that. Improved power transmission, easier turn initiation and no more canting: this is what the new snowboard technology stands for "Bow-Construction". The convex arched bridge is mounted on the binding area of the board. It is attached to the motherboard only with screws, which resembles a normal snowboard. The bindings are placed on the bridge and provide better power transmission due to their elevated position. Top on snow!


O’Neill Hyperfreak Fire Wetsuit

Mit dem O’Neill Hyperfreak Fire Wetsuit ist man perfekt ausgerüstet beim Wellensurfen
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Whether surfing, wakeboarding or kitesurfing: The O'Neill Hyperfreak Fire Wetsuit offers a new neoprene technology for special comfort and thermal insulation. The advanced Technobutter 3 neoprene was used. The TB4 material was subjected to a special lamination process and air pockets were included in the neoprene. Graphene fibers were also incorporated into the inner jersey material to create better thermal insulation. Sealing the seams with O'Neill's Fluid-Seam construction prevents water from seeping in. The next wave is waiting!


100% Norg Goggle

Mit der 100% Norg Goggle Skibrille bist du bestens augerüstet bei jeder winterlichen Aktivität, sei es Snowboarden, Skifahren oder Freeriden
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Thibault Grevet

Since 2019, the lens technology of 100% is established in the industry. Especially in the MotoX and bike scene, the glasses are used: in the combination of the Gravit8 magnetic changer system with the 3DPlane Molded Lens glass technology. Now it has been further developed. The injection-molded lens does not sit on the frame as in other magnetic systems, but encloses it and thus ensures stability. And the Norg Goggle not only convinces with innovative technology, it has an exceptional design and exceptional wearing comfort. With it, you are definitely ready to make the slopes unsafe.


Safeback SBX Air Supply System

Atmen in der Lawine mit dem Safeback SBX
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It's a scary thought to be buried under a blanket of snow. But Safeback's innovative avalanche rescue technology makes it possible to breathe under masses of snow even without a mouthpiece. In doing so, Safeback transforms danger itself into a life-saving resource. Snow is made up of ice and air, and that air is usually inaccessible to avalanche victims. The SBX, however, pulls the air out of the snowpack and delivers it to the wearer's breathing zone. Avalanche victims can breathe with it for up to 90 minutes.


CamelBak Fusion 2L Reservoir

An optimal companion for hot summer days and sweaty mountain bike tours is the CamelBak Fusion 2L Reservoir. But CamelBak developed no ordinary hydration bladder, but new systems and technology make it special. For example, the Quicklink system allows easy and quick access from the backpack. And the Hydroguard technology inhibits the growth of bacteria, both in the tube and in the reservoir itself.


Sundance Heptathlon Black Technology Down Jacket

Sundance Heptathlon Black Technology Down Jacket überzeugt mit einer hervorragenden Wärmeregulierung
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The winter jacket of the future! The Heptathlon Black Technology Down Jacket from Sundance convinces with several integrated Wearable Technology functions. In addition to waterproof, breathable and windproof Gore-Tex Premium fabric, it has a graphene heater, whereby the temperature can be adjusted in three stages at the touch of a button. Hidden in the hood is an inflatable neck pillow, and thanks to a lithium battery and various ports, you can charge your smartphone, watch and the like in a flash. In addition, you can let yourself be pampered by the integrated vibration massage anytime and anywhere. It's all completely invisible from the outside. A real high-tech marvel.


COROS VERTIX 2 Multisport Adventure GPS Watch

COROS VERTIX 2 Multisport Adventure GPS Watch beim klettern von El Capitan. Pausenplatz in der Wand
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A multisport watch disguised as a smartwatch: the VERTIX 2 MULTISPORT ADVENTURE GPS WATCH is not only chic, it is above all unique and the first of its kind. Thanks to dual-frequency GNSS technology, it is possible to determine positions with a precision that is otherwise only possible in aviation. This is made possible by the connection to five main satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou and QZSS), which can even be linked simultaneously. A faster and better signal is not possible!