Product reviews/11/21/2022

ISPO Award 2022 Winner: Sundance Heptathlon Black Technology Down Jacket

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Sundance shows the future of clothing with this very classic-looking winter jacket: Several wearable technology features come together here.

The Heptathlon Black Technology Down Jacket from Chinese manufacturer Sundance is made of windproof, waterproof and breathable premium fabric and filled with high-quality goose down. But that's not all: this jacket demonstrates which high-tech materials and functions can already be used commercially in the apparel industry today.

Sundance Heptathlon Black Technology Down Jacket überzeugt mit einer hervorragenden Wärmeregulierung
Winner of the 2022 ISPO Award: the Heptathlon Black Technology Down Jacket by Sundance.

Integrated graphene heating & massage

Much more interesting than the pure fabric function is the equipment with wearable technology. For example, Sundance has integrated graphene heating. The temperature of the graphene heating foil and the heat-conducting inner lining can be regulated in three stages by a button on the jacket's inner pocket. An integrated vibration massage on the back and waist can also be adjusted there. So, you can enjoy a unique massage service anytime and anywhere.

Inflatable neck pillow in the hood

Another highlight is an inflatable neck pillow on the collar. For this, a small, thin tube protrudes from the inner pocket, which can be stowed there again after use. The neck pillow is not noticeable even when inflated, because it is covered by the voluminous hood.

In addition, the jacket has various ports for multifunctional charging of electronic devices, such as smartphones and watches. The necessary power for this is provided by a lithium battery.

All these functions are so cleverly integrated that they remain invisible to the outside world and are not at all noticeable when worn. The jacket is nevertheless lightweight and slim-fitting, making it perfect for urban life. The jacket is designed for men and has been on the market in China since fall 2021.

From the outside, the jacket's function is not visible.
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What convinced the jury:

  • waterproof down jacket with many additional functions
  • integrated massage function
  • integrated heating function
  • integrated charging function
  • classic, versatile look for long-wearing comfort

Statement from Sundance:

"The down jacket follows the design concept of "clothes make the man", without exaggerated design, but with functional effect, so that people are no longer afraid of the cold wind in winter. The jacket is an excellent choice for middle-income male target groups such as civil servants, self-employed people, teachers, doctors, etc., to keep a warm style anytime and anywhere." Fenghua Zhou, Sundance

ISPO Award Jury Statement:

"A jacket that can actively heat and massage, with an inflatable pillow and charging function to boot, sounds like science fiction. All the more impressive is that you don't see the inner qualities of the jacket at all." Jury ISPO Award
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