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Smart Tracking for Best Performance

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With the VERTIX 2, COROS presents a multisport watch in smartwatch garb. Thanks to dual-frequency GNSS technology, the developers have achieved unprecedented accuracy in positioning. The battery performance of the premium sports watch is equally convincing.


New Level in Position Determination

Sports and outdoor enthusiasts nowadays no longer limit themselves to just one type of sport. Variety in the choice of sport is more in high demand than ever. To train as efficiently as possible, multisport watches are coming into focus. This is where the VERTIX 2 comes into play: The premium multisport watch can confidently be called a smartwatch for performance-oriented athletes. The watch tracks numerous sports such as running and cycling, as well as hiking, climbing and mountaineering, to name just a few. "With the VERTIX 2, we are targeting adventurers, long-distance ultramarathon runners, mountaineers, triathletes and runners," the developers at COROS said of the watch's primary focus. But of course, all sports enthusiasts are addressed to use the numerous functions of the VERTIX 2. To be able to track one's personal favourite sports as accurately as possible and to receive the corresponding training data, a well-developed technology is required inside the sports watch. It is precisely at this point that the VERTIX 2 differentiates itself from competitors on the market and makes the innovative multisport watch an ISPO Award winner.

COROS VERTIX 2 Multisport Adventure GPS Watch beim klettern von El Capitan. Pausenplatz in der Wand
Even in the most remote locations and extreme situations, the Vertix 2 can determine an exact position.
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Thus, the VERTIX 2 was the first sports watch in the world to feature dual-frequency GNSS. What does that mean? Thanks to this technology, extremely precise positioning is possible via the five main satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou and QZSS). The dual-frequency works like a kind of speed track for a faster and better signal. The special feature here - the integrated satellite systems can be connected to each other simultaneously. This function was until now only known in aviation products. The accuracy of the location determination is excellent. No matter where you are, navigating between tall buildings, in the deepest forest or on the side of a rockface does not challenge the VERTIX 2 with the accuracy of the position determination.

All Systems + Dual FREQ On is the most powerful and accurate satellite mode. While this mode consumes much more battery power than the other settings, it allows the VERTIX 2 to perform 50 hours of continuous tracking. "In our experience, this covers most recorded activity by COROS users," the developers said. For activities longer than 50 hours, the user can switch to an alternative GPS configuration.

Free Worldwide Map Material

For a worldwide best orientation, the VERTIX 2 offers an extensive free digital map assortment and brings pre-installed offline maps in landscape, topography and hybrid modes as a standard. Handling the worldwide maps and navigation is intuitive. Thus, zooming in and out on the generous display is possible with the fingers. Users can also download topographic maps for their region via the company's website – for free.

COROS offers free digital map material for the VERTIX 2. Worldwide topographic maps are already pre-installed.
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"The concept is focused on being the ultimate tool to help our athletes adventure and explore," the U.S. brand's developers explain the basic idea behind the watch. All the materials, the user interface and the functions have been designed and implemented to work best in the specific environment, i.e. at a rock face, on the top of Everest or during the longest ultramarathons. The mapping and GPS capabilities enable safe and precise use even in the most remote areas of the world. COROS takes advice from professional athletes on development and new features. Firmware and firmware updates, for example, have been influenced by, and in some cases co-developed by, athletes such as Kilian Jornet, Tommy Caldwell, and John Kelly.

Own Operating System Extends Battery Life

COROS achieves the VERTIX 2's stable performance thanks to its own operating system. "This is groundbreaking for a company in this market segment, where most other manufacturers use WearOS or similar operating systems, and allows full flexibility and control over battery efficiency and usability/UI/UX," the COROS development team comments on the US brand's special approach. Fantastic 240 hours of battery life on a single charge is one of the results. This makes the VERTIX 2 currently the GPS watch with the longest native battery life on the market. "This also allows us to focus on making sure our athletes have the right tools to perform their best when training, namely performance-related tools like our EvoLab," the developers describe other benefits. To achieve one's personal best, users can train using quantifiable metrics such as heart rate, steps, SpO2, pace, distance and time. After training, users can easily synchronize the watch with their phone or computer and connect to the newly introduced COROS Training Hub. This means that all training data is clearly available for evaluation at any time.

With the VERTIX 2, COROS is breaking new innovative ground to support athletes in their performance in the best possible way.

Here's what the developers at COROS are saying about winning the ISPO Award 2022:

"The entire global team at COROS is very pleased to receive this fantastic award, which recognizes the VERTIX 2 as the best in its class."

Here's what the ISPO Award jury have to say about the VERTIX 2 MULTISPORT ADVENTURE GPS watch from COROS:

"Another huge GPS watch?! For small wrists, no-go? The body is large in the dial, but the cut is still so that even with my narrow wrist a super fit is possible. It is also super light and flat, which again puts the size into perspective. The monster feature is the positioning and battery life. Brilliant for outdoors."
Dr. Monika Frenger, ISPO Award 2022 Jury Member Collaborators Club

Reasons why the VERTIX 2 MULTISPORT ADVENTURE GPS WATCH from COROS convinced the ISPO Award jury:

  • COROS Training Hub based on EvoLab

  • COROS own operating system

  • Simultaneous dual frequency GPS connectivity

  • Training plans from top athletes

  • Rolling firmware updates for new and existing products

  • Free worldwide TOPO maps in color

  • Battery life up to 240 hours

Key data:

Battery life: 140 hours (Standard Full GPS), 240 hours (UltraMax GPS).
Weight: 91 grams
Display size: 1.4" touchscreen
Available in stores: since August 2021
Retail Price: € 699,99

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