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In addition to plenty of heart and soul and commitment, anyone who wants to be successful in the sport business needs one thing in particular: expertise. For sport business professionals, this includes industry knowledge as well as basic principles of business and economics, marketing and sound knowledge of international markets. Anyone who does not follow current developments in the sport market and anticipate them wisely has almost certainly already lost. In background articles, we impart industry expertise on current, market-relevant topics in the sporting goods industry. We also report on insights gained from seminars, workshops and podium discussions within the framework of the ISPO ACADEMY conferences that take place around the world throughout the year.

  • Academy
    Asian women runs a on Chinese wall
    The full-day seminar on July 2, 2019 in Munich gives you a compact introduction about the developments, trends and figures of the Chinese sports market. The event is aimed at all companies, brands, associations and clubs who want to better assess their chances in what will soon be the largest sports market in the world. 
  • Academy
    ISPO Academy offers worldwide training programs for retailer and sports business professionals at an international level. Through studies and speeches of experts, sports business professionals do get the possibility of developing their skills and exchanging knowledge and getting in touch with new contacts of the sports business.
  • Academy
    The Olympic Stadion in Beijing
    China is steadily opening up to the west and, of course, Western companies. But how do I stage the jump to China successfully? The Market Introduction Program during ISPO Shanghai is the perfect source of advice.
  • Digitalization
    Fun and packed venues: Esports is developing into a market worth billions.
    Esports is booming among the younger generation, and is growing into a billion-dollar market as part of digitization. ISPO Academy Connect deals with the future of Esports at the Olympics, the entry of big clubs like FC Bayern Munich and Schalke 04, and how Esports is meant to finance a transfer of Neymar.
  • Digitalization
    Besucher des Dreamhacks in Leipzig.
    With digitization, the topic of eSports is becoming increasingly important. A new billion-dollar market is emerging worldwide; even the DOSB now has digital sports on its agenda. ISPO Academy Connect is devoting an evening to this topic, asking with an employee of FC Schalke 04 whether the new will replace traditional sports.
  • Digitalization
    ISPO Academy Scandinavia offers exclusive insights into the digital future of the industry
    How does digitization become a game changer for the sports business? On April 17 and 18 in Stockholm, experts from Sweden and all over the world will be giving exclusive insights at the ISPO Academy Scandinavia. Register now for a reduced early bird rate!