How digitalization helps athletes - whether professional or amateur

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How does digitalization change sport? Among other things, ISPO Academy Connect by Dorten studios in Berlin has devoted itself to this question. One conclusion: not only top athletes can benefit from precise performance measurement.

Social media and apps are also changing amateur sport.
Social media and apps are also changing amateur sport.

Digitalization and sports - that's much more than just tracking sports performance. The ISPO Academy Connect by Dorten studios in Berlin on 17 May showed that the interaction of technology and sport has even greater potential.

Together with partner Dorten studios, ISPO Academy Connect dedicated an evening to the digitalization of sport. At the joint theme evening in the studio of the Berlin creative consultancy, industry giants and experts discussed trends that are already turning the definition of sport upside down. Trend researchers Anja Kirig and Hischam Telib (KickID), among others, provided impetus for future-oriented topics such as connectivity, technology and sport in real-digital worlds.

Anja Kirig explains the trend towards digitalization

Anja Kirig showed that connectivity means more than the new digital communication structures of people through and with machines - or between machines themselves. The revolutionary potential of this mega trend lies in the social aspects of new media and networks. Connectivity plays a key role in how people do sport today, what they understand as sport and how they communicate about it. Digitalization has long since become a natural component of everyday life.

Digital realities will in future become normal. These hybrid worlds use the advantages of virtuality and change the sport and movement behaviour both for individual athletes, teams and professional athletes. Smart clothes also play a central role here.

KickID founder Hischam Telib also spoke at ISPO Academy Connect in Berlin
KickID founder Hischam Telib also spoke at ISPO Academy Connect in Berlin
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ISPO Digitize Summit im Juni

Hischam Telib illuminated in Berlin how end consumers deal with wearables and performance tracking concepts. His initiative within the framework of KickID proves that this can be fun and motivate young athletes in particular. He exclusively gives amateur football clubs the opportunity to analyse and improve their own training methods through digital tracking.

The ISPO Digitize Summit on 28 and 29 June will discuss how the opportunities of digitization can also be used for business. With the question of the potential of digital transformation for retailers, manufacturers and all other areas of the sports industry, high-ranking guest speakers and experts will then set the course for the future for your company at the Munich Trade Fair Centre.

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