ISPO Munich/02/03/2019

Klaus Dittrich: "Digitalization Accelerates Individualization"

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Record results among exhibitors and as international and big as never before: ISPO Munich promises to be an absolute industry highlight. Messe München Chairman and CEO Klaus Dittrich focussed on the topics of individualization and women at the main press conference four days before the start of the fair.

PR-Managerin ISPO Munich Kathrin Hagel, Messe-Chef Klaus Dittrich, VDS Generalsekretär Stefan Herzog und DIFG-Präsident Ralph Scholz
Klaus Dittrich (CEO Messe München), Stefan Herzog (VDS General Secretary) and Ralph Scholz (DIFG)

Individualization is a common catchword. But why does Messe München CEO Klaus Dittrich focus on this topic in his speech at ISPO Munich 2019?

He says: "For the end customer, digitalization accelerates the megatrend of individualization."

"The more 'I' in a product, the more attractive the brand is for a customer," says Dittrich. This is a great opportunity for the industry. Examples are individualized running shoes or ski boots: "In the end, the megatrend of individualization in society corresponds to the personalized product."

Don't miss the annual event for the digitalization of the sports business! The ISPO Digitize Summit 2020 will take place in Munich on June 30, 2020.

Individualized Products at ISPO Munich 2019

There will be many innovative examples of this at ISPO Munich. Among other things, a microfactory. It connects the 3D simulation of clothing directly with production and digital textile printing.

The winner of the start-up competition ISPO Brandnew "Original+" has also individualized his alpine skis: Personal details such as driving style, range of use or weight and size are translated into an individual ski with the help of artificial intelligence. The manufacturers can thus supply skis by "mass production".

This shows that individualization is not possible without digitalization. Messe München CEO Klaus Dittrich therefore said that he was glad that "ISPO began about ten years ago to build their own business model into the digital world". In the meantime, ISPO has become a "pioneer" for the digital trade fair landscape: "ISPO is right at the forefront when it comes to digitalization". This includes, for example, the Digital Fitness Check of the Association of German Sports Retailers in cooperation with ISPO.

VDS Secretary General Stefan Herzog presented the tool at the PK. Dealers can also use the service at ISPO Munich and get advice from experts.

Personal contact is indispensable despite digitalization, which is why, according to Dittrich, "the trade fair in Munich has not lost any of its radiance". The figures for ISPO Munich 2019 prove him right:

  • 2,943 exhibitors (2018: 2,801)
  • Participants from 56 countries (plus 5 percent)
  • International exhibitors: 89 percent (2018: 88 percent).
  • 18 halls for the first time
  • 334 new exhibitors
  • 41 new exhibitors in the Health & Fitness sector
  • 57 new exhibitors in the outdoor sector
  • 90 new exhibitors in the field of winter sports

Great Potential for Women

Another focus - already for two years - for ISPO is women. First under the aspect of women as a target group and then under the aspect of "women as managers". A survey by ISPO with over 800 dealers and manufacturers shows:

  • 94 percent of manufacturers involve women in product development
  • 66 percent of manufacturers offer women-specific products
  • 46 percent of respondents say that women as a target group have gained in importance for them over the past two years
  • But: only 22 percent of manufacturers and dealers have female decision-makers.

Dittrich: "We see: There is still great potential for the sports industry". That is why the ISPO Munich will once again feature the ISPO Women's Lounge with many lectures, discussions and workshops.

This year the lounge will also be curated for the first time by the women's network of Messe München "Frauen Verbinden". Among others, guests from companies such as Microsoft and Hugo Boss will be present in line with the cross-industry concept.

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Also at the HPK spoke Stefan Herzog, VDS Secretary General, on the Digital Fitness Check and Ralph Scholz, Chairman of the German Industrial Association for Fitness and Health (DIFG). Read about it here: An interview with his DIFG colleague Niels Nagel on fitness trends 2019