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Better Power Transmission and Easier Access to Curves

Sensation of Skiing Like a Pro: New Salomon Skis Offer “Brute Edge Grip”

Perfect swings on the edge, the thrill of speed – this is the flow feeling most skiers want. With the new “Sons of a Blast” collection, Salomon also wants to convey the adrenaline rush of professional skiers to non-professionals. This can even be paired with the comfort of ski boots warmed up via app.

Die Ski der Salomon „Sons of a Blast”-Kollektion bieten eine bessere Kraftübertragung und deutlich mehr Grip.
The new Salomon ski offer a better power transmission and edge grip.

Standing on the mountain early in the morning with a perfectly groomed ski run in front of you. Then feeling the acceleration, careening down in the first turn and giving in to the feeling of speed in the ice-cold air rushing by: according to surveys by Salomon, this adrenaline rush is the greatest motivation for more than half of all skiers. Experienced ski instructors, however, say that only 10 percent really experience this sensation that Salomon calls the “blast.” 

New Salomon Ski “Enables an Incredible Power Transmission”

Salomon aims to give more skiers the experience of this incomparable feeling. Therefore, Salomon has worked two and a half years to develop a completely new collection with the support of former top athletes, ski instructors, trainers, and engineers.

“Ski boots as well as skis, plate, and binding are 100 percent successful. The boots offer incredible performance and fit with minimal weight. Combined with the skis, this enables an incredible power transmission and a brute edge grip – absolutely progressive and not to be compared with anything that’s ever been seen before,” former top athlete Albert Meier, also known as Alemax, raves. He helped develop the collection.

New Riding Experience Through Edge Amplifier Technology

The secret behind the new riding experience is the so-called Edge Amplifier Technology, which is the heart of the new top skis S/Max Blast and S/Race Rush. The newly developed ski and binding system directs power to the edge of the ski, for instant grip and more efficient turns. The 100% power transmission gives the skier greater grip on the edge, an improved feel for the skis’ contact with the snow, and easier access to the curve. This is the perfect combination for that total adrenaline rush on the slopes.

Wooden Core and New Shape for Better Performance When Skiing

In the S/Max Blast ski, a wooden core provides stability and reduces vibrations at the same time. Two layers of titanium, its sandwich sidewall construction, and the high-quality binding system ensure maximum responsiveness and perception. The shape of the ski enables precision and flow between turns, as well as extremely precise performance on hard snow.

The matching S/Max 130 boot was also developed from scratch: The core frame of the boot has a thinner housing with a built-in frame reinforcement. The new construction provides an improved ground feel, and thus a more direct power transmission to the edges. The preformed, seamless inner lining is more comfortable, and can also be perfectly customized for the skier in just ten minutes with the Custom Shell HD fitting process.

Salomon Edge Amplifier
The new Edge Amplifier Technology gives a whole new sensation to skiing.

Ski Like a Pro with S/Race Rush Skis

The S/Race Rusk ski is the new all-round ski from Salomon’s “Sons of a Blast” collection. The high-performance ski promises skiers the same adrenaline kick as a professional on the alpine racetrack. The S/Race Rush also enables elegant turns with perfect edge pressure. A race-based wooden core, two layers of titanium, and the complete sandwich sidewall construction give the ski stability and power at high speed and lightning fast course changes.

To enable more direct power transmission in the high-speed range, the S/Race Rush ski stands on a P79 plate & X12 TL binding, with a lower plate under the heel. It can be adjusted for different boot sizes without using tools. The matching S/Max Carbon boot has a new core housing that makes it lighter, more agile, and more sensitive than the other models in its class.

Innovative App Heats Up Ski Boots

Salomon has also developed a whole new feature when it comes to ski boots: Skiers can use an app to heat their ski boots before setting off. The new Custom Heat Connect System works similar to a remote-controlled car starter, communicating with the ski boots via Bluetooth.

Customers can download the matching app free of charge from the app store when they buy a pair of Salomon ski boots. This allows the desired temperature to be set and even a timer to determine when the boots should warm up. That way, skiing fans can pull on a set of warm ski boots when they hit the slopes in the morning.

Starting autumn/winter 2019, Salomon will also make it possible to heat other Salomon ski boot models via app.

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