Seniorchef Hubert Schöffel (rechts) erzählt launig vom Aufstieg der Outdoor-Marke Schöffel. Neben ihm: Marken-Testimonial Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner. Links hinten: Der heutige Inhaber Peter Schöffel.
Schöffel senior partner Hubert Schöffel, who died on August 8, 2018, played a decisive role in the success of the family business. In autumn 2017, together with his son Peter Schöffel, he remembered the beginnings of mountain sports clothing and how the breakthrough came with Gore-Tex. was there.

Winter sports
Wintersport Snowboarder und Skifahrer
The winter of 2017/18 exceeded expectations. Winter sports brands are looking optimistically towards the future. However, their long-term strategies vary. Some companies are aligning themselves as year-round brands, while others remain true to their brand essence. Leading brands explain their future strategies on