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ESports: World Football Association FIFA announces broadcasting rights for the Global Series

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The FIFA World Football Association has announced the broadcasting rights for the EA Sports FIFA 18 Global Series. The series is the qualification round for the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018, which is the first time that a rights package for eSports can be purchased.

Esports is becoming more and more popular
Esports is becoming more and more popular

Sponsors report that companies can contact FIFA by e-mail to learn more about the competition. The EA Sports FIFA 18 Global Series is an almost one-year qualifying series for the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018, which has been running since November. The next event - which would then also be included in the broadcasting rights - is the FUT Champions Cup at the end of January in Barcelona.

The EA Sports FIFA 18 Global Series lasts until July 2018.128 players will qualify for the play-offs and the best 32 players will be eligible to compete in the FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final 18. The location of the World Cup has not yet been determined.

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With this step, eSports will be further made more professional. A total of 365 million people attend eSports events and the number is increasing. ESports is on its way to becoming one of the most important sports worldwide, experts are convinced of this.

Most e-Sports events are presented via streaming platforms. The most important address on the net is Twitch.tv, followed by YouTube Gaming. ESPN or Sport1 broadcast eSports on television.