Weight loss

Anaerob Training is important and a very effective weight loss method
The importance of anaerobic training is gaining more and more weight in the fitness world. The reason for this is the importance that the short but intense power efforts of this training method - like sprinting during endurance running or high-intensity interval training - has for burning fat. We show how it works exactly and what you have to keep in mind during training.

Concentration, acrobatics and body control: The Brazilian martial art makes high demands on body and mind and really boosts fat burning. Everything about explanation, history, fat burning & basic exercises you can find here.

Eine Gruppe beim TRX Training
Almost no training form is as flexible and equilateral as the TRX training. The suspension system is easy to transport and allows a variety of exercises. We show the 11 best TRX exercises.

Mann macht Klimmzüge
Back problems are among the most common complaints worldwide. Many people sit incorrectly in an office chair all day, while others lack exercise. We show you what you can do and which back exercises are particularly helpful.